Isn’t it nice to have our government back?

All it took was for the ruling party to be kicked out of power. Now we have legislators actually legislating. Perish the thought, the Republican minority may have to prove that government can actually can work for the American people contrary  to anything they may have espoused in the past. In the Senate there are two resolutions being presented by Republican Senators that condemn the “Surge”. (Don’t you just hate these speechwriterly names for our lack of strategy?) Senators Warner and Hagel with competing resolutions of “no trust” in the President’s ability to lead us on “the way forward”.

Then you have this statement from the house that Tom lost…

“I support the president’s plan,” Boehner said. “But we have a duty to candidly and honestly assess whether the new strategy will be effective and ultimately successful.”

That statement marked an important shift within a Republican leadership that has rarely made demands on the administration’s foreign policy team. With public support for the war at record lows, the Democrats back in control of Congress and many Republicans facing tough reelection campaigns in two years, party leaders feel they have little choice but to voice their disapproval with plans for a troop buildup.

Where have these guys been for the last 4 years? If they think their change of heart is going to save their jobs in two years they better be prepared to back those words up with one hell of a lot of action. Hold this administration accountable? What a trip this could turn out to be…Pass the ‘srooms, please.

“The American people on November 7 changed management in the United States Congress. The overriding issue was Iraq,” Hagel said. “What you’re seeing is representative democracy in action. What you’re seeing is the clear attitudes of the American people playing out among their elective representatives.”

What you are seeing is the will of the American people not being subjugated to the machinations of the Republican Election Machine. They were not able to buy or subjourn this election for the first time in six long years. The majority attitude of the American People has not changed in over a decade, but election gamesmanship by the Republican party has risen to the heights of a black art form.

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