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Today’s papers are full of news of war and rumors of war, both real and political. There are a number of sites around the internet that will give you better coverage of this than I will. But the little, oft unremarked news stories are more problematic. This is just one small example… 

AYEAR and a half ago, the National Academy of Sciences reported that the country’s climate-monitoring systems were “at risk of collapse.” This week, in a 400-page-plus knockout of a study, the academy concluded that those systems are even worse off now. This is a stunning indictment of an administration that has parried complaints about inaction on climate change with claims of at least having generously funded research.

The sad truth is that George W Bush does not do infrastructure. You know, all of the things a government does because the private section can’t make it profitable. Things like weather satellites and roads and police and armies. Believe me, if George could figure out a way to farm those things off to Halliburton or the Carlyle Group he would in a heart beat. Then we would see just how efficient the private sector is at what the private sector does best…Offshoreing the security of the free world.

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