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 This Washington Post Editorial touches on a number of points about the Bush tax cuts, most of which are not in the President’s favor.

PRESIDENT BUSH wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Wednesday that “it is also a fact that our tax cuts have fueled robust economic growth and record revenues.” The claim about fueling record revenue is flat wrong, and it is shocking that the president should persist in making such errors. After all, tax cuts are the central plank of his domestic policy. How can he fail to understand the basic facts about them?

They throw in all the facts and figures from a number of different sources here, then follow with this closing…

Mr. Bush’s op-ed included nice statements about bipartisan cooperation. But the Democrats would be more likely to cooperate with the president if he stopped making things up.

In my book, this is where the President has the biggest problem with the majority of Americans, wether he believes what he says or just says what he needs to to sell his agenda, it has become a lose, lose conundrum for this White House. The American people are left with two choices, either the man is daft or he’s a liar. Neither of these options work for the President. It’s the proverbial rock and the hard spot.

It is beginning to look like Mr. Bush believes that if the American people have reached a consensus on an issue, he must take the opposite side because he knows the American people are stupid. Hell, he’s right in a way, they elected him didn’t they, which in his mind proves his point.

I think the thing that has really amazed me about this President is the way he has tried to stack the deck both in American Law and in Treaty to make himself and those in has administration immune to being called to account for their actions in any legal sense. Why wait for someone to come along and pardon you if you can pardon yourself in advance…

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