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Just don’t “suggest” to the “decider” that he can’t do what he wants…He may pick up his ball and go home… 

After an election in which war-weariness was a motivating force for the defeat of Republican candidates, the president has to face the reality that the only decision on Iraq that can possibly command sustained public support is a collective decision shared with Congress — not a personal order.

Any action he takes may still be thwarted by Iraq’s own divisions. But if he does not bring Congress and both parties into the process, the policy will inevitably fail. He has to face that reality.

As usual, everyone is looking to the President to act like a rational grown-up. Sadly for all, they haven’t been paying attention for the last 30 years. While his father was “born with a silver foot in his mouth”, George W just settled for the spoon. He has never lost that spoon or the attitude it instills.

Source: David S. Broder – Suggester in Chief – washingtonpost.com