Mr. Inhofe’s Last Hearing –

After listening to some of the hearing on the radio, I am forced to agree with the Post. What does it say about America, that the ruling party for the last decade have placed the biggest obstructionists in positions of power and then blamed the opposition for being obstructionists.

THE LAST hearing on global climate change chaired by Sen. James M. Inhofe provided an excellent and public tutorial on why Americans should be grateful that it was, in fact, his last. The departing chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has occupied a unique perch from which to take action on climate change. Instead, he has used his time at the committee’s helm to cast spurious doubts on the problem even as the scientific consensus about its reality and severity has gelled. Last week, the Oklahoma Republican held a hearing to denounce the real villain in the debate: the media.

Then you have the other “enemy” of the Republican Party, the “Media” most of which is owned by Republicans.

The myths of America that once made it great were all based on equal playing fields and the belief that anyone with ability and perseverance could get ahead with hard work and a little good luck. With corporate ownership of all areas of commerce in the control of fewer and fewer and oversight in the hands of those ideologically unable to oversee we have had a decade of uncontrolled pillaging of these myths. When the middle income, middle American that congress is protecting has a household income of a quarter million dollars a year or greater, where does that leave most of America? Can anyone find me a small family farm that will be split up because of America’s draconian “Death Tax” that the Republican Party has been so worried about? Hell, I’ll even accept a Large Family farm as an example. What I wont accept is a corporate farm owned and controlled by someone living off the Government Dole.

If the incoming Democratic leaders need some lessons in how not to run committees or government as a whole, they have almost 30 years of lessons to look back on. Both their own history and their predecessors are rife with lessons on what not to do. They have two years to prove to the voters of this country that yes they are a party of ideas. They also have two years to hold this administration accountable for the past six years of imperialism. May they use their time wisely…

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