GOP Must Correct Its Mistakes, Mehlman Says –

I am sorry Ken, but it has nothing to do with Conservative or Liberal Principles and everything to do with Moral Principles. 

Mehlman acknowledged voter anger about the Iraq war and a spate of GOP corruption scandals, but he pointed to a broader culprit: the erosion of the core conservative principles of small government and personal responsibility.

The hubris of the leaders of the Republican Party is what will keep them from correcting their mistakes. As long as the Democrats can keep from repeating those mistakes and pass some of the long needed policy shifts, they will have a long run at the helm.

The good thing about this election…I wont have to listen to Ken trying to excuse the bad decisions of the “Decider” as he explains to me how very wrong my beliefs are every Sunday morning on the Washington talk feasts. Good bye Ken.

Source: GOP Must Correct Its Mistakes, Mehlman Says –