A bipartisan Bush? Not so you would notice…

It was pretty obvious even right after the elections that the president wasn’t changing his approach. If anything he seemed to be rubbing the fact that he wasn’t in the democrats face.

President Bush’s political fortunes have changed for the worse, but he himself is announcing that he hasn’t changed a bit.

He still hates not getting his own way on everything.

His immediate actions after proclaiming his deep desire to work with Democrats in a fresh mood of bipartisanship were to reinforce his preference for right-wing religious goals. This is the new civility in the nation’s capital?

If you want to read the laundry list of what Bush is trying to push through go read the column. From judges to agency appointments to diplomatic appointments, it’s the same names that were turned down by his pocket lege.

Am I missing something here? Where’s the good will and cooperation that Bush promised? It’s the same old provocative, bossy attitude of the past six years. But it’s not the same old rubber-stamp Republican terrain.

If he wants partisan warfare, he’ll get it. He’s started it and now he’s going to be stuck with it.

Means is a Washington, D.C.-based columnist for the Hearst Newspapers. (means@hearstdc.com)

Source: Marianne Means: A bipartisan Bush? Same attitude but different terrain | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle