Jim Hightower is one of the few Texas Progressive Politicians my generation has seen. He has a real talent for cutting through the BS that most politicians sling…

Hey, how about indulging yourself with a hot new Maserati? Yeah, it’s got a sticker price that’ll make you go blind – but, wow, this baby will flat-out fly!

Even if you only drive your Maserati down to the hardware store, it’ll give you an awesome thrill and make you feel like a real stud, so come on – splurge. And don’t tell me you can’t afford it. Just cut back on your kids’ education, cancel your family’s health care, and dip into your retirement fund. It’s all about priorities, my friend.

If you think such extravagance is insane, you’re obviously not a studly congress critter. These free spenders have just voted to buy more F-22 Raptor fighter jets, a stealth plane that flies so high, so fast that it’s called “the Maserati of the skies.” Price tag: a third-of-a-billion dollars per plane.

Source: Jim Hightower | SENSIBLE PRIORITIES