Where we are now…

Today’s emails brought the following:

On their journey through the stages of grief, conservatives don’t yet seem to have gotten past denial.

Republicans may have lost, conservatives argue, but only because they misplaced their ideology. “[T]hey were punished not for pursuing but for forgetting conservatism,” George F. Will, conservatism’s most trenchant champion, wrote on this page last week.

Their mortal sin, in this gospel, was their abandonment of fiscal prudence.

At a time when corporations abandon their employee benefits, globalization depresses wages, and individuals are compelled to shoulder more and more risk, the last thing Americans need is a government that tells them — as it told their countrymen in New Orleans last year — they’re on their own.

Source: Harold Meyerson – Conservatives in Denial – washingtonpost.com

You would think that this election we just went through would penetrate. Why is it never their fault, always someone else’s. Now that their actions and inactions have caused them to lose the control they once had they want to blame the losers. Isn’t that what the election was about? Accountability. And the American people have decided to hold this Congress and this Administration accountable, finally. I know, it’s not fair to keep giving them pass after pass and all of a sudden actually make them accountable, but hey, tough luck guys.