Now can we call them lies?

It really does my heart good to see the “l” word starting to be used in regards to the administration. Maybe if we quit dodging the truth, it will set us free…

“Washington’s easy acceptance of lying, especially presidential lying, is beyond lamentable. It has cost the country plenty, including, of late, a war in a godforsaken place, which we are losing and are fighting for reasons that we no longer remember or that even matter. (Democracy? Weapons of mass destruction? A link to terrorism? Aw, forget it.) In the most recent case, Bush not only lied but compounded the lie by lying about why he lied in the first place.”

“So it was downright exhilarating to see Stephanopoulos express shock at Bush’s lie, and it would be equally exhilarating if the new Democratic majorities evinced a similar moral indignation. Instead of reassuring the administration’s serial fibbers that they will not be required to answer for their statements about Iraq, they should instead be vowing to take apart the ship of state plank by plank until they find the rot — not impeachment, mind you, just accountability.”

Richard Cohen – Fantastic Job, Mr. President –