What happens next?

“When Democratic committee chairmen issue subpoenas and conduct oversight hearings, will news accounts portray them as harassing the White House? Or will journalists recognize that aggressive congressional inquiries were a normal practice until the GOP Congress, which loved to investigate the Clinton White House, essentially stopped scrutinizing the Bush administration? And if Senate Republicans who denounced Democratic filibusters start trying to talk things to death, will journalists call them on the double standard?

While Bush retains the biggest megaphone, Democratic leaders will be getting more television time now that they control the House and Senate. In a media-drenched culture, the sound-bite warfare may prove as important as the legislative maneuvering.”

Howard Kurtz – For Democrats, How Long a Honeymoon? – washingtonpost.com.

Those are good questions, I can’t wait to see how the Media steps up to the plate this time. Will they remember their charter? You know the one they seem to have imbraced about being the watchdogs of liberties. Will they again try to resume that job? Or will they pass the torch to the “New Media” here on the blogosphere?