The New Face of the GOP –

Instead of a GOTV the GOP has started a SOTV…

GOP Aims to Scare Up Big Voter Turnout – “With top Republican strategists now privately predicting substantial House losses, President Bush and top GOP officials plan to spend the final days of the 2006 campaign attempting to rally partisans and limit conservative defections with dire warnings about the consequences of a Democratic Congress.

Amid predictions that demoralized conservative voters might sit out the election, Bush and other senior Republicans will escalate charges that Democrats will raise taxes, weaken national security and liberalize social policies. “

For a party that tries to characterize themselves as the more moralistic party, this group is doing everything in it’s power to prove themselves wrong. As a mater of fact, did they steal their playbook from the Democrats? Is that why the Dems are doing so well…The Republicans stole their playbook so now they are winging it? Whatever it is it works for me. Thanks Karl and George…

Rove, who believes that Republicans will hold both the House and Senate, said Democrats have failed to capitalize on events because they lack a clear message that presents a compelling alternative to the Republicans. “Generally when you’re trying to nationalize something and you’re the out party, you have a consistent message,” he said. “I’m not sure what that consistent message is on the other side. Is there unanimity on Iraq? I don’t think so.”

So, what Karl is saying is that since the Democrats do not walk and talk in lockstep, they won’t win…Does he really have that kind of view of the American Public?