Keith Olbermann Continues to Talk Tough To Power

Once again Keith Olbermann speaks strongly from the point of view a growing majority of Americans are beginning to share. Sadly, he is one of the few willing to speak directly to President Bush about the dishonesty inherent in his policies. Mr Olbermann seems to be one of the few public figures to call a lie a lie.

“The president of the United States –— unbowed, undeterred and unconnected to reality –— has continued his extraordinary trek through our country rooting out the enemies of freedom: the Democrats.

““177 of the opposition party said, ‘‘You know, we don’’t think we ought to be listening to the conversations of terrorists.”

The hell they did.

One hundred seventy-seven Democrats opposed the president’s seizure of another part of the Constitution.”

A special comment about lying – Countdown with Keith Olbermann –

If you have a high speed connection, check out the video. If not follow the link above and read the transcript…

2 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann Continues to Talk Tough To Power”

  1. Hey Gary, I’m just reading through your political commentary here and enjoying it immensely. You’ve probably seen all the Olbermann “special comments” about the Bush administration, but in the event you’ve missed some of them, go to the link I’ll post below and look at the video entitled “Why Does Habeas Corpus Hate America,” about the third one down. I think this is the scariest thing the Bush administration and the Republicans have done in the last six years.

    Lots of other videos worth viewing on that site also.

    Thanks for your informed comment, and I’ll be back again soon.

    Also, thanks for your comments on my photoblog; they’re always much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Yes I caught that commenatry. Since I discovered Olbermann I have been hitting the Countdown sight regularly to see what he may have to say. My only comment on this one is…What makes Keith think they won’t be housing troops in our homes? Can he really envision this group missing even one of the Bill of Rights? I can’t. My feeling is they would do it just to prove they could get away with it…

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