The Leaders We Have

George Will spends a whole column being apologetic for the Bush administration before closing with the key paragraph…

George F. Will – The Leaders We Have – “‘Where’s the leader?’ Bush, according to Woodward, has exclaimed in dismay about the Iraqi government’s dithering. ‘Where’s George Washington? Where’s Thomas Jefferson? Where’s John Adams, for crying out loud?’ For a president to ask that question about Iraq, that tribal stew, is enough to cause one to ask it about the United States.”

What part of American History did George W. sleep through? All of the leaders he asks about were homegrown. They all put their heads on the line to win the freedoms that made this collection of states America. George W. Bush has overthrown a leader of a sovereign nation (yes he was a monster, but we are not the Global Police), a nation where every homegrown leader who is not a religious leader has been systematically put to death for decades, and wonders why no one steps up to be George Washington or John Adams or any other American Revolutionary leader. Mr. President, in order for revolutionary leaders to arise you must have a revolution (or divine intervention). You have had neither.