Gas Prices – Update

I really did not think the oil companies would be this desperate to keep the Republicans in charge but I guess you keep the ones that are letting you get away with it all. I originally predicted gas at $1.98 by the week before the election…I was about a month off. I guess the CEO’s are more worried than I would have thought. I paid the magic price today when I filled up at the Citgo here in town. I would suppose that all things considered, it really cheap insurance…Give up a few millions now to rape more later (oops, I meant reap…I hate it when the fingers know more than the brain). You have to figure that should the Democrats regain control of anything something will have to give. The roll backs in environmental regulations instituted by our oil-man-in-chief and his gang of roughnecks have had a major impact on the profits that are going into the coffers of these companies.
Then there will be some oversight, even if very little. That little bit of oversight is more than we have seen for the last four years.

I have to wonder though…How low will they go before Nov 7? And how quickly will they bounce back after that?

My suggestion is if you have any big gas cans, fill them up on Nov 7 after you vote…