Torture Is Torture

I guess this is what sticks in my craw most about these self-righteous leaders we are stuck with and Eugene Robinson said it pretty well…

Eugene Robinson – Torture Is Torture – “But we shouldn’t have to talk about the practicalities of torture, because the real question is moral: What kind of nation are we? What kind of people are we?

Bush’s view of the world is based on the idea of American exceptionalism: that this country is unique, that its ideas and values are not just worthy or admirable but superior to any others. This attitude annoys the rest of the world to no end — a lot of other countries think they’re pretty special, too — but accept for the moment that the American system is in fact the best of all systems and that the great experiment begun by the Founding Fathers was a signal event in the history of mankind. Accept, if you will, Bush’s view that the United States is steadfastly blessed by a loving God.

What do you imagine God might think about torture, Mr. President?”

In everything this administration does they claim the righteous ground. For me the entire message of every religion is are should be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule. Taught to me by my grandmother, reinforced by parents and teachers.
Unfortunately, the new Church of Corporate Power has perverted the Golden Rule. Their version reads “do unto others for the maximum profit and don’t get caught.”
We would not be having this conversation on torture but for the fact that someone talked. We would not be having a conversation on wiretaps but for the fact that someone talked. We would not be having a conversation on secret prisons but for the fact that someone talked.
This administration does not want to have these conversations. They do not want the American People to ask these questions. That is why they hide behind the official secrets act and try to classify everything. Go back over the last five years and reread the history. Even before 9/11 this administration was hiding things. Lucky for the American People, sooner or later someone always talks. Mr President you cannot hide forever…Someone will talk.