Bush’s Problem

Bush’s problem is he sees big issues and has simplistic responses. With his inability to expand, and unwillingness to change, his ideas he leaves even his own party scratching their heads.

Tribunal Dispute Could Ruin GOP Strategy – washingtonpost.com: “The problem, Lungren said, is that the complexity of the tribunal and wiretapping issues do not lend themselves to the quick action Bush wants.

‘This is a big deal to drop in our laps,’ he added. ‘There is some discomfort with the time period we’ve been given.'”

And then you have to wonder who it is that is driving the country when time after time the response to a problem skews off into some strange direction and never seems to get back to the original issue.

Since when has breaking the law by the executive branch been the status quo? I mean, come on Mr. President…warrantless wiretaps and torture, secret prisons and secret evidence…are you the only person in America (or the world) who doesn’t see how off the charts UN-American this is? And it’s on these issues you want to run an election. If we are ever to see justice return to this country then I can only hope you get what you want and the elections this fall turn on the reality of your “issues”. Right is right, legal is legal and you Mr. President are neither.