A License to Abuse

After reading this editorial this morning I had the uneasy experience of seeing the White House’s Stephen Hadley on Face The Nation, try to justify their reasoning about their “Torture Amendment”. His appearance after Sen. Linsey Graham (R-S.C.)who articulated the reason he is opposed to the program was a sham of misdirection.

A License to Abuse – washingtonpost.com: “Rather than admit that he wants to legalize disappearances and torture, Mr. Bush ominously warns that ‘the program’ won’t continue unless Congress passes his bill. He says ‘time’s running out,’ even though it’s not. There are no detainees in the CIA prisons at the moment, according to the president, and the only clock running out is that measuring the midterm election campaign. There is no need for Congress to act in the next two weeks. But if it does, the clear answer to Mr. Bush’s question, endorsed by Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.), Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), former secretary of state Colin L. Powell and a host of other responsible Republican and military leaders, is ‘no.’ For both moral and practical reasons, the country should reject this fundamental violation of its principles.”

For five years the White House has had a problem with Americans being held accountable to the World Court. This push by the White House does not have anything to do with the “War on Terror” and everything to do with protecting this administration from being called to account by the World Court for the actions they have instituted in the last five years. The “Decider” never wants to be held accountable for his decisions…fact of life in America.