The War Bush Isn’t Fighting

The War Bush Isn’t Fighting:

When unsmiling agents at the airport take away your contact lens solution, your toothpaste, and your cologne or after-shave, remember Osama bin Laden. Remember the real war on terrorism that the Bush administration and its allies decided not to fight, preferring cowboy-style military adventures.

The revelation yesterday of the elaborate plot to blow up airliners over the Atlantic Ocean with liquid explosives reminds us of the real threats we face — as opposed to the phantom threats that George W. Bush and Tony Blair have conjured to justify their disastrous war in Iraq.

At some time in the future, this country will discover that we still need to fight the fight we started after 9/11. Unfortunately, the leaders selected to show the way have failed. The “Uniter” was really a Divider instead. And what he has left us with is a failed attempt to force our way of thought on another society. From all indications, the missionary zeal of our free market, oops, I mean our democracy corps is playing out like every other attempt this world has seen to force one people into the mold of another…

President Bush said that the uncovered conspiracy is “a stark reminder that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom, to hurt our nation.” If only the president would fight that war. If only he hadn’t turned away from the hunt for bin Laden to chase his neocon advisers’ delusions of spreading pro-American democracy at the point of a gun.

It almost seems to me that they win when they lose…how much disruption has been caused by a failed attempt.

We will end up boarding our flights barefoot, barehanded and buck naked except for a hospital gown they’ll make us put on at the airport. And, at this rate, Osama bin Laden will be watching CNN from his cave, smiling contentedly.

May be time for a new style of wardrobe…You know see thru. That way everyone sees what you’re hiding…and for some of us it’s a lot!

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  1. Israel Takes Boy George to School

    Thank heaven Israel knows what it is doing in the Middle East. By entering into a ceasefire at this point they are acting in their own best interests, instead of the interest of Bush and his neocon-artists.

    The Israeli government knows it lives in a tough neighborhood. Despite repeated attempts by Boy George to enlist them in his “War on Terror,” and expand the war in the Middle East, the Israelis refused.

    Recognizing that their initial strategy of waging an air war and limited strikes into southern Lebanon was a failure, they used the threat of full-scale invasion to force an end to hostilities.

    Unlike what Bush is doing in Iraq they adapted deftly to the surpise of Hezbollah’s strength, and have put off a final showdown for a later day. The next time, and there will be a next time, they will have had time to assess this operation and see what changes need to be made.

    While Bush flounders by “staying the course” in Iraq, the more experienced Israelis knew when to stop. Withdrawal from southern Lebanon will not be considered “cutting and running” in Israel. It is a tactical manuever.

    Certainly, implementation of the ceasefire can go haywire, but Israel has conducted its foreign policy in a much more sophisticated way than Bush has conducted ours.

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