As usual, Jim Hightower says it better than I can:

Giving credit where credit is due, I’ll concede that Bush’s gang of neo-con ideological nutballs were right when they said that Bush’s approach to Iraq would be held up as a model of success in the Middle East. Unfortunately, it’s become a model of success for Islamic extremists.

Every day, throughout the Mideast, Arab television channels show an unending stream of dead children killed by weapons either fired or provided by the U.S. And, every day, America’s good will and good name sink deeper into the horrific quagmire of Bush’s war policies, which are emboldening the world’s Islamic militants, undermining the moderates – and making our people much less safe.

I think, though, the most cuttingg part of his essay is this…

… As the popular bumpersticker puts it: “Bush is creating enemies faster than he can kill them.

And think we only have another two plus years of this failed President. Do what you can this fall to elect a loyal opposition party…