You know my wife hates to be around when I listen to our President. She just can’t stand me screaming liar at the TV screen over and over and over and over….you get the idea. But I have to admit Jim Hightower has a real way with words…

Jim Hightower THE ARTFUL DODGER STRIKES AGAIN: “OK, children, are we clear on the moral lesson now? When you do it, it’s a lie. But when the president does it, it’s ‘an artful attempt’ to keep secrets. And throughout his life, Bush has been very, very artful at keeping secrets � from the secret about his National Guard service to the one about those weapons of mass destruction.
This is Jim Hightower saying… If it had been George W instead of George Washington at the cherry tree confrontation with papa, W would’ve said: ‘I cannot tell a lie. It was done by terrorists who have hatchets of mass destruction.'”

I have been accused of being a Bush hater, but the only thing I hate about Bush is his apparent inability to ever tell the truth. This has been the case since I first became aware of him in Texas back when he first ran for Governor.
I think the thing that has always made me the most po’ed is that nowhere in the mainstream media is Mr. President taken to task for this habit.