Goodbye to a Legend in His Own Mind

You know, Tom Delay had been my Congressman for most of my adult life. I have been voting against him for that entire length of time. Today I am happy to say “don’t let the door hit you, Tom.” I look forward to enjoying your retirement from politics.

The Washinton Post reports: DeLay Pulls No Punches In Final Speech to House:

“‘The common lament over the recent rise in political partisanship is often nothing more than a veiled complaint about the recent rise of political conservatism,’ DeLay said.”

Does this also pertain to Mr. Delay’s complaints about his recent legal problems in Austin. It seems his whole defence rests on it be “partisan politics” on the part of the DA filing charges against him. Hmmm…

“DeLay did praise his liberal adversaries for their willingness to stand up and fight him; he reserved his harshest attacks for “the preening, self-styled statesman who elevates compromise to a first principle.” He suggested that “had liberals not fought us tooth and nail,” conservatives could have accomplished much more during his 22 years in Washington.”

Thank god, someone fought the fight against Mr. Delay and the corporate special interests that have made his life so comfortable. It is to bad that my job doesn’t cause my family to be hired and enrich us the way his job of representing the people of his district did. You really have to wonder, exactly how many votes did Tom Delay pull in from the Northern Mariana Islands? He represented the people there about as well as he did his own district.

Again, Mr. Delay, though we have never met, believe me when I say I wish you a very happy retirement. You deserve everything you are about to get…