Molly Ivins – Creators Syndicate: “It would be easier to contemplate a two-year holding period if Bush hadn’t already wasted so much time. Of particular note in this department is ‘the inconvenient truth’ — global warming. Wasting eight years in the face of what we already knew when Bush came in is not only insane, but also unforgivable. A recent poll showed the majority of Americans feel the war in Iraq will be the overriding issue of Bush’s presidency. I suspect future historians will fixate on his global warming record — not only doing nothing to stop it, but letting the hole get dug deeper, as well.”

Molly Ivins
Molly Ivins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About the only good thing I can say about Texas politics is to quote Molly Ivins. A Texas institution, it took the internet to lead me to her columns. Now I read her regularly and the only disagreement I have ever had with her was her cutting Bush so much slack during his first term. I suppose it comes from that personal charm he has working and the fact that she knew him then…You really should follow the above link before it rolls off and read her entire column, then, bookmark so you can come back often.

There is only one other columnist I used to read with the same regularity and that was Paul Krugman. That came to an end when the New York Times put him behind their paid portal. I can occasionally catch him in the local paper but not as regularly as I would like…