Jim Hightower | REMEMBER AFGHANISTAN: “Gosh, George W has kept us all so busy trying to deal with his disastrous Iraq war and with his build-up for a whole new war in Iran – that I’d forgotten about his war in Afghanistan! How’s that going?

It’s an important question, since – unlike Iraq and Iran – the Taliban thugs who ruled this country actually had direct ties to Osama bin Laden and the crashbombers who attacked us on 9/11. Our military quickly retaliated by bombing the bejeezus out of the place, routing the Taliban, and installing our guy, Hamid Karzai, as the new president.

That was that, right? Well… not exactly. Osama bin Forgotten is still out there somewhere in Afghanistan’s mountain caves, our man Karzai can’t venture outside the protective bubble of his capitol city, the economic revitalization that Bush promised was never delivered, unemployment and poverty are rampant – and the Taliban is now resurgent.”

Jim Hightower at the 2008 Texas Book Festival,...
Jim Hightower at the 2008 Texas Book Festival, Austin, Texas, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, for being such a red state, Texas sure has produced some blue folks. Just goes to show you that being pushed into the background for so long causes you to just speak that much louder…and not many people speak as loud and with such a Texas style as “America’s #1 Populist”.

I think his point is one that should be brought to the forefront constantly. As the administration lumps you and me and everyone else in this country in with the terrorist they are survaleing, what has happened to the real terrorists? Bein Forgotten is right…but really, I guess I’m being bad ’cause I am not out there changing the subject and talking about immigration…can’t these guys ever get over the politics of fear. First I was supposed to be afraid of the Taliban. Then it was the Iraqi’s and Sadam bin Laden. Next they brought out the gay’s. They keep trying to pull in Iran, but that just sounds like a repeat of Iraq and I don’t think even they can sell that fertilizer twice (well maybe they can, didn’t they just pass another tax cut for their millionaire friends). And know its immaginagration…everybody knows that after 5 years it’s time to secure our southern border (national security and all that). Divide and conquer…