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Old Friends

And old photo’s of Old Friends…

We still get together once and a while, me and my old friend from the 6th grade…It is over 40 years ago that I developed my first school boy crush on this old friend. She went on to be the steady of one of my best friends through high school. While we have never been an item, we shared good times and together over the years. I am happy to say we have managed to stay friends through the years…

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The day broke clear. Bright sun and blue skies. Not to warm…yet. But the humidity can’t really get any higher without rain at 99%. So that 77° should feel more like upper 80’s maybe even lower 90’s. It is pretty though…From inside this air conditioned old farm house, that is.

With all of the humidity and the sun, I am sure we will see afternoon thunder boomers around the area. Our standard summer siesta time fare…


Mid-morning and the thunderheads are already rearing. Beautiful, billowing towers of white cotton candy climbing into the bluebell colored sky. The promise of an afternoon symphony full of percussion and fireworks seems a guarantee. Havoc to come on Friday commuters as they anticipate the promise of a weekend to be…


In the news…

Seems like this could be a problem for the nuclear proponents…If in a time of rising temperatures you have to shut down reactor, what do you propose to do if global warming is real?

TVA reactor shut down; cooling water from river too hot | – Houston Chronicle
The Tennessee Valley Authority shut down one of three units at the Browns Ferry nuclear plant Thursday because water drawn from a river to cool the reactor was too hot, a spokesman said.

The nation’s largest public utility shut down Unit 2 about 5:42 p.m. CDT because water drawn from the Tennessee River was exceeding a 90-degree average over 24 hours, amid a blistering heat wave across the Southeast.

Two other units at the plant were operating, as well as towers to cool the water. But searing temperatures and a lack of cooler water in the upper part of the Tennessee River system made it too difficult to provide cool water for all three reactors. There was no safety threat posed by the shutdown.

Looks like it might be time for the nuclear reactor folks to take it back to the drawing boards…


Time to be una-mused. Catch ya later…

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