blues from a red state

September 19, 2009

Reality Based?


Compare this…

“We’re winning the argument,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) declared inside the hotel ballroom. “We know that most Americans are common-sense conservatives and that most of the people running our government in Washington are not. . . . We’ve been calling their agenda what it is. The Americans people agree with us. And we’re starting to see the results.” [1]

To this…

In case anyone’s having trouble reading the visual, the Republican Party’s favorability is very weak in Northeast (7% to 87%), and only marginally better in the Midwest (13% to 78%) and West (14% to 75%). In the South, however, 50% have a favorable opinion of the GOP, and only 37% have an unfavorable view. [2]

If this is winning the argument, than America is safe…At least from my point of view. Unfortunately for me, I live in the South.

[1] Conservative Activists Find Cause to Celebrate at D.C. Gathering –
[2] The Washington Monthly.

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