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Just For The “Record”…

Record heat is forecast for today in the Houston area, but by late this afternoon or early evening a blast of cooler Canadian air is expected to drop temperatures through the weekend.

Temperatures are predicted to creep back into the 80s early next week, but another cold front is predicted by next weekend.

Today, the high temperature is forecast to be 93 degrees, which would top the record of 92 degrees that was set in 1931, according to the National Weather Service.

The overnight low is expected to plunge to 64 degrees after the cold front pass through.

via Heat record could fall before front reaches Houston | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

Cooler fall temps…Please…Please…Please

And The Heat Is On…So What Happened To Fall?

Did I read this right? A heat index of 109…

Today the high temperature will reach the low 90s, which is about 5 degrees above normal for this time of year. Coupled with high humidity — readings were over 90 percent this morning — it could feel like it’s between 105 degrees and 109 degrees late this afternoon.

My wife’s staycation ended on Sunday. It was already beginning to warm up…Even as the skies wept with another day of showers. She went back to work yesterday before sunup. Back to the grind for her, back to keeping a sigle set of eyes on the grandson who has discovered his feet in the few weeks since his first birthday. This morning at 9am we were already moving into the mid 80’s. The walk to the end of the drive with the garbage bag was an invitation to hit the shower when it was over…It’s so warm and humid that it’s hard to work up the enthusiasm to spend some hammock time on the front porch with the grandson…Something we both enjoy.

This really makes me sad that we aren’t on the second week of mountain travel like we originally planned. I would really enjoy waking up to some cool autumn air right about now…Hot coffee on a cool porch watching the sun rise would be a beautiful way to begin any day…

And going back to the forecast…

Muggy, sticky air and unseasonably high temperatures are combining to make today and much of the week feel more like July than October, as moist air from the Gulf of Mexico flows into the region and the heat index rises to triple digits, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s going to be very unpleasant this afternoon,“ said Chris McKinney, a weather service meteorologist.

via Houston heat index could hit 109 today | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

A Fine Way To Start The Day

After watching rain showers bypass us on Tuesday, we managed to be in the way of a passing cloud yesterday. With an hour of steady rain, the ground soaked up every drop as fast as it fell. Sherry and I sat on the front porch and watched the amazing sight…Water…Falling from the sky…Then I went in and watched disk two of “Dune”…It seemed appropriate.

So waking up this morning and seeing this warning means I won’t be going out for my daily walk…

State environmental officials issued an air-quality alert today for Houston and coastal areas as dangerous ozone pollution creates hazardous conditions.

Today’s high temperature will be near triple digits and the low will be in the upper 70s under mostly sunny skies, according to the National Weather Service. South winds will be between 5 mph and 10 mph.

The Texas Commission on Air Quality said that ozone levels are expected to reach dangerous levels in Houston, Galveston and Brazoria counties. The air-quaility alert will last throughout today.

I am beginning to think early morning walks are worse than afternoon walks…While the temperatures are cooler ( high 70’s as opposed to high 90’s), the humidity makes it more work. This morning the humidity was at 68% with a temperature of 78°. By early afternoon the humidity will be down to 20%. Add in a breeze and it’s almost (ha ha) comfortable.

via Air-quality alert issued for Houston, coast | Front page | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

Texas Barbecue

Down here on the Gulf Coast of Texas barbecue season starts not too long after it ends. This year I was a little late…I fired up the smoker on Easter Sunday.

Today I put a brisket on the grill to serve tomorrow afternoon. This isn’t one of our big family barbecues…I told everyone I wasn’t doing a big production…But if they wanted to stop by there would be some smoked meat. I really upset my wife by picking up a couple of tubs of potato salad…As she informed me, “We don’t do store bought potato salad in this house!” My comment was, “It’s your day off, so this time we are…Live with it.” Now I get to…

You may wonder why the meat went on the grill already this morning…The one thing I’ve learned about brisket is if you can cook it all day…Wrap it up and stash it in the frige overnight to flavor. Start it up early the next morning and be ready to eat about lunch time. The secret to this madness is low heat and smoke. The temperature never rises above 250°. Just a nice slow smoke…

So…Today I’ll be watching the radar. I am hoping to dodge the thunderstorms I was hoping to see yesterday. Conflicted again, we need the rain but it’s hard to watch the fire when it’s pouring…

So, here’s hoping the grill stays dry…But, I ain’t countin’ on it.