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Not Walking With The Sisters Today…

The morning emails brought me this…

Thu 8AM Thu 10AM Thu 12PM Thu 2PM
Sky Rain Rain Rain Cldy
Chance of Precip Moderate Moderate Moderate Slight
Temp (F) 51° 46° 41° 40°
Wind Chill (F) N/A 39° 32° 30°

At this time it’s 57° and that’s down 2° since I woke up…And raining….lightly.

A couple of days ago I did a lunchtime run down to the local wildlife refuge. Brazoria NWR is located just a few miles south of here along the coast. I was interested in seeing if all of the fall rains had managed to fill the ponds after being disappointed for the past few years by the water levels. Well, the water levels were definitely up. Bird numbers were not as high as I would expect though…It could have been the time of day with most of the waterfowl off to the feeding fields.

There were a number of different species of  ducks and one decent sized gaggle of geese in the ponds. The weather was great for a day at the Refuge, cool and breezy with a clear blue sky. I spent a nice bit of time on the observation platform mainly watching the hawks play and hunt.

Self-portrait, Brazoria NWR, Jan 2010

Sitting there with all of the other evidence of civilization being on the far horizons, listening to the birds chirping in the bush, the geese honking on the distant pond, the kkeeeeer of the hawks up above. Overall, the only sound of civilization that intruded was the sound of a helicopter passing overhead, probably on its way to resupply an offshore rig.

Trying to get my 200mm lens to stretch out and pull in the images I wanted are problematic at the distances around you in this refuge but here are a few shots I was able to capture…

Brazoria NWR, Jan 2010
Brazoria NWR, Jan 2010

Brazoria NWR, Jan 2010

Everyone stay warm and dry…It looks like winter is going to make it’s presence known over most of the US by the end of tomorrow…There is even a slight chance of snow (very slight) for SE Texas…again. And from the reports I’ve been seeing from my beloved Blue Ridges…My friends in the mountains have a few more days of snow piling up before the weekend ends…

The Weather Keeps Changing…

Sitting behind my chair, at the back door, are two pairs of my shoes…I put on one or the other whenever I go outside. The remarkable thing about these two pair of shoes is that one is a pair of hiking boots for those cold frosty mornings like I talked of at the start of the week. The other is a pair of flip-flops, three season shoes for SE Texas.

Take today…When I woke up it was already 64°. Right now, mid-afternoon, it’s 72° and still climbing. It’s breezy, the prognosticators assure us there are heavy thunderstorms headed our way, the radar tends to back up their insistence. Storm warnings are out all the way across the state…To our north, that is. The wind has been gusting pretty good all day…My wind-chimes are singing their loudest, most discordant song today accompanied by the patter of the leaves that are still falling from the oaks above my house.

I think my runs to the store are through until after the Christmas Madness. I stopped by the grocery for a few odds and ends that had been forgotten when I made my Christmas Dinner run yesterday…It’s what happens when you really don’t plan your meal very well. I still think there was something Sherry needed, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was she mentioned. Luckily for me…Neither can she!

Besides picking up the house and wrapping a couple of gifts I’m done. Though, to be truthful, my better half will find plenty to keep me busy, I’m sure.

So if I get busy tomorrow and forget…

Merry Christmas To All and To All…Oh heck, you know the story…

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It Seems Autumn Just Started…

And already the weather prognosticators are calling for a preview of winter like we hardly know…

Today’s weather is shaping up to be a virtual repeat of Monday's around the Houston area, with the National Weather Service calling for gray skies, rain and temperatures in the 50s. But the key word in the forecast comes Friday: snow, or at least a chance of it.[1]

For the past week or so I’ve been enjoying fall color that seems more fall-like than in the years past that I can recall. Nothing like the colors from our trip in November of 2007 when we enjoyed our first visit to what must have been peak color along the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and Virginia with a pass through the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. But the colors in my backyard this season have been more vivid than any I can recall.

On Thanksgiving we visited my mom’s like we do every year…When I walked outside into her backyard I was amazed at the changes in the last year. She has always had a neat backyard with a lot of yard art scattered around, but for the past couple of years she has been fighting with construction mess and then the aftermath of Ike…So the transformation this year was striking…Have a look…

In case you are wondering…My mom is very proud of being a Texan…And she collects birdhouses. Felder Rushing would be proud of her bottle trees and her use of all of the found “art”.

[1] Gray day ahead for Houston; snow possible Friday | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

My Favorite Time Of Year…Autumn On The Texas Gulf Coast.

We are now entering my favorite time of the year. Cool fall days in the low 70’s and nighttime lows dipping down into the 50’s. Skies so blue that if you could capture the color you’d be set for life. Birds twittering in the predawn trees, welcoming the day as the sun burns of the morning mist.

All day long the hawks, returning to the coast from their summer up north, call out to each other as they cruise the treetops.

Here in my neck of the woods we are having a spring like fall. The drought of the past twelve months appears to have given way to regular rains. For the first time in a couple of years the ground is holding moisture between rains. The grass is actually green for the first timr this year. The trees that have been dropping leaves all year are now holding on to a new lease on life.

Looking out my back screen door today I could see the beginnings of the coming color change. You just need to be aware…We do not see colors in the fall like much of the country. What I am seeing is just a hint of yellow out of the corners of my eyes.

At best, the Chinese Tallow trees should be showing their garish colors before too much longer. These trees are the only ones in the area that are dependable for fall color…Trees that are imports, that take over fields whenever they are left fallow…Trees that cover thousands of acres in this neck of the world…