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Post Deere Meditations Muse

I’m on the back porch contemplating the outcome of my Deere meditations as I cool down with some ice water. Looking good. Now for a shower and lunch.

Ever since Harvey I’ve been flummoxed by the outside power outlets being dead. I’d checked the breaker box over and over. I’d checked the ground fault outlets throughout the house looking for one that tripped. Finally, I was on my way into the granny flat to see if it was hiding in there. Guess where it was… The laundry room. And I couldn’t see the light because there were two battery chargers blocking it. Problem solved. And now I know where to look next time.

Google Earth Pro

One of the things that came about because of the death of my old computer is I reinstalled Google Earth. When I initially opened the program I zoomed in to my home. Boy was I blown away. They have done wondrous things with their 3D generators…

I mean look at these images… You can see items on the porch. It even shows the power boxes on the wall.The trees are a little gauzy, but each and every one is there. The images are a year or so old, so a lot has changed. But… WOW.

Here is my mom’s back yard…

It’s all a little fuzzy, but the pots around the trees are there, the swing, the plants….

My sons place in Sloatsburg, NY falls just a mile or so outside the 3D boundary.

If you would like to play you can do it online at Google Earth. Go play a little, you never know what you might discover.

Here is my neighborhood… That me at the blue dot.

Front Porch Sitting After Homework

I walked out with my grandson after he did his homework. Immediately I heard my first flock of cedar waxwings fly over. I had been wondering when I would hear them… Oh, and the bird in the flower bed… blame that on my youngest son. He brought it home many years ago. A pink flamingo painted white. This spring the white was wearing off, so I repainted it and added the black touches…