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Monday Morning Coffee Muses, January 9

This morning we are back in that gloomy weather groove to start the week. Though, I must admit, the mid 50’s feel much more comfortable than the mid 20’s of a day ago. Who am I kidding, it feels better than the 40 degrees it was at sundown last evening. It may not be t-shirt and shorts weather… but, I have a jacket on… And wool socks…

This morning is a bird and dog morning. The predominant sounds are birds and dogs. Call and response…birds answering birds, dogs answering dogs. This weekend’s freezing cold did do one thing. It killed most of the green left in the landscape. Even the grass now has a more wintery seared look.

Sunday Morning Coffee Muses, January 8

Frosty cold this morning. Two nights in a row the temperature has fallen into the mid-twenties. The temperature on the other porch is still 29 degrees.

It’s a funny thing though, the thermometer on the post to my left is already reading 40 degrees. Microclimates… aren’t they fun? It’s what makes my morning muses on the back porch comfortable both winter and summer (ok, maybe comfortable is a might strong most mornings).

But, at least the birds are serenading me on this cold and frosty morning. This past week has brought many of my normal visitors to the feeders. Goldfinches, red bellied woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, titmice, doves… Well you get the picture. Right now there is a big flock of sandhill cranes flying by to the east heading out to eat for the day. That’s the third time I’ve seen them…

Oh well, everything comes to an end, and this is the end of our cold weather for this stretch. It’ll be back in the 80’s before the week is through.


Unexpected Weather

The forecast called for partly cloudy with the chance of rain in the teens… I am now at the end of my second hour, and second cup, on the back porch. If not for the light rain falling of and on for the last hour I would already be at my desk. The temperature is still pushing into the 80’s already under mostly cloudy skies.

Morning Glory on Gate

The morning glories are just beginning to bloom as the hummingbirds are becoming increasingly rambunctious. The number of hummers has been increasing for the last week. I spent yesterday putting up all of the feeders for the fall migration.

Time to start moving…

A Morning Drive To The Refuge

It was late last week when Linda from The Task at Hand left a comment on a post here. In her comment she mentioned having traveled to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge and seeing some/a wood stork and some rosette spoonbills. I had been wanting to drive down that way myself and hearing I might get to see a wood stork, a species I had not seen before, only made me want to make the trip more… Continue reading A Morning Drive To The Refuge