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The Wheel Rolls Around Again

There was a time not too many years back when the music never stopped playing in what ever room I was in. Then for a long time it was podcasts that played all day long. Then I began to notice that the predominate theme of the podcasts were all politics… all the time.

After a time I noticed I wasn’t any happier listening to all of that all day everyday…So I winnowed the podcast list. Now on most days they play in less than an hour… That left the rest of the day to be filled with something else. Then a few weeks back my last off board hard-drive started getting squirrely. So I ordered a couple of new ones to back everything up on before the old one crashed and burned.

The process caused me to revisit my music files. Now I’ve been saving my music onto my computer ever since it became possible to do so. Luckily for me the cost of storage has been going down all of that time. In copying everything over it took close to four hours just for the music. That started me to thinking about how I hadn’t been listening to any thing in a long time… So it was time to fire up the old Winamp and start listening again… So once again my day is filled with music.

I think what drives my wife a bit crazy is that most of the time I have Winamp set to random play. You never know what you will hear, or how it will intertwine. I just went from Mindy Smith to Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Scaggs to Shania Twain to Jane Siberry to Joni Mitchel to Ani DiFranco to Fleetwood Mac. Who knows what will be playing next. And since it’s all music I chose to begin with, it’s all good.

Earlier I was at YouTube watching some Priscilla Ahn videos… I just love that girls voice. While all of this was going on I was adding the latest solo album from Joe Walsh to my collection. Winamp says I have about 506 hours of music on this machine… Some day I may hear the same song twice in a row…

Now, I need to get back to updating my WordPress sites. A new version rolled out.

My Version of the Voice – Mary Gauthier

Ever since I heard her for the first time…There is some thing in Mary Gauthier‘s voice that I just can’t get enough of.

Tania Elizabeth adds another dimension. I have loved her playing since Paste first covered the Duhks way back whenever…

I see they’ll be in the Woodlands next month.

Music From My Misspent Youth

One of my favorite music spots on the web is Wolfgang’s Vault. I get weekly emails from them as they release new concerts from the archives. Today they sent out a link to this concert from 1972. After listening to the music as I read email and scanned the news I rediscovered what it was about The Byrds that attracted me to their music way back when.

Never before heard, presented here is one of the more legendary live performances of The Byrds’ career, recorded on opening night of their last ever London engagement on January 16, 1972. Despite this final U.K. swing being booked on short notice, with practically nonexistent advertising, word on the street spread rapidly and the show sold out with a second show added the following evening. Much has been written about this night, including the fact that technical issues were apparent with the P.A. system. Largely a result of grounding issues between the group’s American gear and The Rainbow’s electrical system, nearly every published reviewer agreed that The Byrds easily rose above it and delivered a highly engaging performance. What makes this all the more delightful is that the issues plaguing the P.A. system that night do not affect the recording!

via The Byrds | Rainbow Theatre | London, England | Jan 16, 1972 –

Follow the link above to listen to the entire concert or play the clip below for “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

Listen to more The Byrds at Wolfgang’s Vault.

Twas a Late Night

I sat up last night in the field out behind my house. The cold clear sky was unusual for a peak night of a meteor shower. It is more normal to walk out on those nights and see the sky covered with clouds… But last night was beautiful.

2008 Geminid meteor shower
False-color composite view of 2008 Geminid meteor shower. (NASA/MSFC/B. Cooke, NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office)

I had hardly settled in when the first bright streak showed itself. A couple of minutes later there was another. While I wasn’t seeing the 100-150 per hour that were predicted…I saw more than I’ve seen in a lot of years.

I am sure most of my problem stemmed from the quality of the dark sky I was looking through. Being just west of the I45 corridor between Houston and Galveston, it really never gets all that dark here. Even on moonless nights there is a glow both north and east of us here…Last night was no exception.

I was catching a great number of subliminal streaks. Streaks that almost didn’t register on my eyes as any thing more than a subtle scratch on the bowl of the sky letting the base color show through for a moment before vanishing again into the background.

I have to say, I enjoyed my time out under the stars.