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Wednesday, February 15

Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses.

The sunlit sky makes a line on the southern horizon.

An all gray mass slowly crosses the sky trying to shut it off.

Here and there a spot of blue breaks the bleakness of another overcast morning.

The feel of the morning air is, for a change, seasonably cool.

A rift in the sky opens for the sun to break through…

Nature holding it’s breath… breathes as the warmth bathes my face.

For now, sunlit skies have returned, wind whispers thru the trees, birds sing…

The thump… thump… thump of tires crossing expansion joints on the bayou bridge intrude on my muses…

And… clouds reclaim the warmth.

So I sit and enjoy the cool of our too warm winter as it becomes our spring.

And… north winds make the pines sigh as they move their limbs to and fro.

The sky, once gray, then blue, is gray once more… The air once still now blustery,  chilling my skin.

Tuesday, February 14

Thunderously Stormy Valentines Morning Coffee Muses

Thunderously Stormy Valentines Morning Coffee Muses.

The day has darkened minute by minute.

Distant rumbling of meteorological battles coming closer.

Lightning’s flash cuts the newly darkened face of turbulent skies.

Raindrops patter drowns out the sound of everything away.

Angry red and orange covers radars screen…

Rushing slowly across the glass while clouds skud quickly up above.

Day into loud and stormy night… all in but minutes gone and come.

Cold mists swirling under porches roof, no shelter from what blows about.

Warnings flying thru the either, beware the cyclonic winds wandering about.

It seems the ancient gods have come out to play, man beware.

The heavenly battlefield above our heads turns dangerously angry on this day.

Monday, February 13

Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses.

Monochromatic skies over unseasonably green ground.

Mourning doves filling the gray woods with soft sad moaning.

Bright crimson jewels flashing on tree limbs, calling to their subdued yet handsome mates.

Small flashes of golden sunlight from warblers flitting to and fro.

Goldfinches still dressed in winter drab, waiting, waiting.

A rooster crowing, a dog’s bark, sounds that fill a mornings quiet.

Winds sighing thru the pines, blowing inland from a sea…

Carrying odors of salt and sun and damp over miles of landscape, still.

Once a rough seat ‘neath the pines, now gone, but remembered still…

To sit and listen as pines conversed with the spirits of the wind.

Gusts of breeze stirring memories of other winds, of other places, of faces long gone.

A crow kawing, another answering, conversations on the wing.

Coffee’s gone, dregs are cold, time calls these muses to a close.


Saturday, February 11

Warm Muggy Winter's Morning Coffee Muses

Warm Muggy Winter’s Morning Coffee Muses

There have been August days in my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains where the high temperature didn’t hit what this February morning in SE Texas is starting out at… and these warmer than ever before hits just keep on rolling right through this crazy winter. Really want to convince congressional Republicans that climate change is real? Just make them stay in Houston Texas for a year.

For a Saturday morning it’s fairly quiet. Traffic over the Mustang Bayou bridge isn’t as loud or as busy as normal. The ceiling fans are almost making more of a roar. There is something about a bluebird’s song that just makes me happy… And I’ve been hearing them more and more… Just not seeing them.

In the continuing saga of our new neighbors… They had wanted to build as far back on their lot as we set on ours… they ran into pipeline proximity issues. So now it looks as though they’ll be building up close to the road. If my history of building in the city is any indication, they might be in their home by Christmas. And the craziest thing was the city was telling him he would need to build a sidewalk across the front of his property. Now at this point the closest sidewalk to here is a good mile away. So this required sidewalk would go from my property line to the city limits. About 400 feet of orphaned sidewalk that if the city ever gets it’s way would be torn up to widen our road into a primary feeder corridor. Gotta love city living.