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Martian Logic – washingtonpost.com

Today’s papers are full of news of war and rumors of war, both real and political. There are a number of sites around the internet that will give you better coverage of this than I will. But the little, oft unremarked news stories are more problematic. This is just one small example… 

AYEAR and a half ago, the National Academy of Sciences reported that the country’s climate-monitoring systems were “at risk of collapse.” This week, in a 400-page-plus knockout of a study, the academy concluded that those systems are even worse off now. This is a stunning indictment of an administration that has parried complaints about inaction on climate change with claims of at least having generously funded research.

The sad truth is that George W Bush does not do infrastructure. You know, all of the things a government does because the private section can’t make it profitable. Things like weather satellites and roads and police and armies. Believe me, if George could figure out a way to farm those things off to Halliburton or the Carlyle Group he would in a heart beat. Then we would see just how efficient the private sector is at what the private sector does best…Offshoreing the security of the free world.

Source: Martian Logic – washingtonpost.com

Press Briefing by Tony Snow

As for the primary election in Connecticut last night, I know there’s a lot of concern and interest about that. Democratic voters in Connecticut have made their choice, and they have chosen Ned Lamont over Senator Lieberman. Just a couple of observations. Key leaders in the national Democratic Party have made it clear — let me back up. This is a defining moment in some ways for the Democratic Party. I know a lot of people have tried to make this a referendum on the President; I would flip it. I think instead it’s a defining moment for the Democratic Party, whose national leaders now have made it clear that if you disagree with the extreme left in their party they’re going to come after you. And it is probably worth trying to trace through some of the implications of that position, because it is clearly going to be one of the central issues as we get ready for the election campaign this year, that is, the mid-term elections.

You know, I have refrained from commenting on the primary in Conn. I really felt it wasn’t my place to try to tell the citizens there how they should vote…I still don’t. But the key to this is, the people have now spoken. And now, Joe Lieberman is acting like the Republicans, if you don’t like the results…hey, issue a signing statement that basically says you’ll just ignore them.
I am from Texas and you see what Texas has given the US of A (sorry folks), between Bush and Delay we don’t need much more input from Texas in this generation. And to tell the truth the crop of politicians we are raising in the Lone Star State really are pathetic…they make George W look good folks, so run, don’t walk if you see another Texan coming onto the national scene. It just might be time to check out the requirements for asylum in Canada (at least the weather will be good, even with global warming.

First, let’s think about Iraq. One of the positions is that we need to leave Iraq — we need to do it on a timetable, and we need to do it soon. It’s worth walking through the consequences of that position. First, simply to walk away on a timetable without examining the conditions on the ground and without making sure that you have the ability for the Iraqis to stand up and also assert sovereignty over their territory and have a freestanding democracy would create a power vacuum and encourage terrorists not only in Iraq, but throughout the region and throughout the world that one of the problems that often besets democracies, which is impatience in hard times, in fact serves as a motivation for terror groups. Osama bin Laden some years ago said that one of the keys is that if you simply stay at terror long enough, the West is too weak, he said the Americans were too weak, and would stand down.

Now here we go again, did you notice how we went from the Democratic Party to Iraq. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t this Bush’s War? I suppose the reason this week for not finding the weapons of mass destruction is that they were all blown up during the “shock and awe”…and where does this administration get of quoting Osama? Had they spent as much money and time chasing that agenda…oops, I almost said we might have found him. God, this bunch of incompetents still couldn’t have completed that mission…

Is U.S. Ready for Hurricane Season?

You know as a resident of the Texas Gulf Coast, living less than 5o miles from the Gulf of Mexico I read articles like this and I am worried, very worried…

Is U.S. Ready for Hurricane Season?: “‘Last year we didn’t have a clue,’ said the acting FEMA director, R. David Paulison. The agency will put satellite tracking devices on trucks leaving its two largest logistics centers — in Denton, Tex., and Atlanta — to avoid a repeat of post-Katrina efforts, when critical supplies such as ice and generators arrived days or weeks late, sometimes after circling the country.”

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...
Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near its peak Category 5 intensity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it only the appointed directors of FEMA that don’t have a clue…and why should I trust them now? I watched last year as Rita bore down on the Houston/Galveston Region with ground zero originally being to the west of Freeport, which would have been the worst case scenario for my home and family. By the time on Wednesday that I had finished boarding up and securing my home (two plus days before landfall), the fiasco that was to be was already beginning. News reports of the traffic disaster were already beginning to filter on to the airways. And while none of the local weather guys was reporting it almost all of the forecasted tracks were beginning to show a slight veer to the east. After discussing the situation we decided that we had the time and resources to wait and see what was happening in the next 24 hours…turned out this was the right choice. Had we made the run we would have spent all of that time sitting on the road and might never have gotten anywhere in the end.

“‘We’re ready for this upcoming hurricane season — assuming that the American public does their part and they get ready as well,” said George W. Foresman, DHS undersecretary for preparedness.”

Gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn’t it. This ownership society we know have where if everything goes wrong, you own the problem not the people you hired (voted for (or not)) to own the problem. So America, you are warned, as long as everything goes right your government is doing it’s job…but when the fertilizer hits the fan…it was because you did not do your part. by the way has anyone told you what your part now is?

I am assuming that we now must have new guidelines to follow since the old ones didn’t work. Have you got your two month supply of spam in storage?

My plans haven’t changed much if any. Food and water in the pantry (we’ll start buying a few extra cans of food stuffs each week through the summer, if we need it it’s there if not we eat it through the winter), batteries in the flashlights, gas in the gas cans (used for lawn work and kept filled between times). But number one we watch the approaching storms online ourselves, do our own forecasting, do not depend on television news mongers to hype the event.

“But plans to assign the Justice Department responsibility for law enforcement and the Housing and Urban Development management of temporary housing are not yet completed. Neither is a new national emergency communications strategy or an infrastructure-protection plan due June 1.”