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Tuesday, O’Six, Twelve, Twenty O’Seven

Currently: 73°

Dewpoint: 72° Wind: NE 3 MPH
Humidity: 97% Pressure: 29.98 in Hg
Average: High 90° Low 72°
Record: High 101° (1978) Low 60° (1955)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:23PM
(14:03 hours of sunlight)

The forecast is calling for seasonal highs and lows for the day so life goes on in an average sort of way…Even though the house is closed up to keep the humidity down, you can still here the morning chorus outside.

Last night I walked out to the edge of the meadow (semi-domesticated field, my backyard, see picture in the header), and folks, it was dark out there. The sky was just hazy enough to dampen the reflected night lighting and the stars above so only a few of the brighter stars shown through. Without the normal competition they looked much brighter than normal.

I caught the link to this story at Inhabitat but the link didn’t work so here’s their link to Yahoo News.

HONG KONG (AFP) – Money raised from a Hong Kong government levy to be placed on the use of polluting plastic bags will be used to fund green education programmes, the environment chief said Tuesday.

A charge of 50 Hong Kong cents will be imposed on every plastic bag issued by some shops from the end of next year.

The bags are considered harmful to the environment as they take so long to decompose when trashed. The levy is aimed at reducing the number used each year.

Now I know that sounds like a good idea…But (you knew there would be a but, didn’t you), wouldn’t you accomplish more by just teaching the damn sackers to put more than one or two items in a bag? Tis a pet peeve of mine tis true, but come on folks, if your bags are so thin you can’t load them, don’t buy the damn things. It seems that with most sackers now you are going to get fifteen bags to haul home the same amount of purchases that used to travel home in two paper bags. But don’t ask for paper or they look at you like you are crazy and then they load them just like the plastic. When I shop at the local produce store at the farm here in town (and no everything you buy there isn’t grown there, but a lot is) they manage to get 20 to 30 pounds of produce in just a couple of bags…Go figure.

Source: Plastic bag levy to pay for green education in Hong Kong – Yahoo! News

Oh well, times a running and I’ve “got mail”…

Garrison brings us this summertime offering from Nikki Giovanni.

Knoxville, Tennessee

I always like summer
you can eat fresh corn
from daddy’s garden
and okra
and greens
and cabbage
and lots of
and buttermilk and homemade ice-cream
at the church picnic

Wander on over and read the rest at The Writer’s Almanac.

Well it’s time to run.

Monday Morning Muse

Current Weather: 73°

Dewpoint: 72° Wind: Calm
Humidity: 97% Pressure: 29.94 in Hg
Average: High 90° Low 71°
Record: High 96° (1953) Low 57° (1955)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:22PM

Well, this is the first weekday post on this site. I am not sure where it’s going but it’ll be interesting to find out. I think I like the idea of starting each muse with the local weather. It was one of the things that seemed to how up in most of my morning muses in the past. The weather above is from My-Cast Personal Weather . They will email you a personal forecast at a schedule you pick.

It’s sunrise outside and the morning chorus is in full voice. The predominate notes as always are the song of the mockingbird. We must have at least a half-dozen living here on the front acre around the house. We have 13 mature Oak trees around the house with a scattering of Pecans, Cedars, Chinese Tallow, and Hackberries. Through the winters here the Hackberries get most of the attention from the birds which explains their predominance along with Black Willows in the woods along Mustang Bayou.

BLOG TIP: Do you use Google Reader? If you do you may want to add your own blog to the feeds you read. It seems that Google being Google they archive all of the posts in your feeds (or at least that’s the way it looks from a cursory search. This could come in handy, as it did for me this morning, when a post gets deleted accidentally. Of course it only works with published posts and later edits don’t show up, but hey, it’s something to keep in mind…

Thursday Morning – June 7, 20 O Seven

What a difference a day makes…Yesterday morning I was in Medical Mode and not hurrying out the door, so I drew my first cup and glanced up at the “Weather Station”. The outside temperature was 68 and the humidity was lower than normal, just in the 80% vicinity, so I took my cup and myself out into the backyard to sit and enjoy (which is part of the reason for no post yesterday, I enjoyed it immensely). Today, I grabbed so garbage bags for the trip to the curb while the laptop loaded up. The minute I stepped out the door for the trek to the curb, I felt like I should be paying for a spa treatment. 6:00 am and the heat and the humidity were in your face. Once I was back in the kitchen for that first cup I read the truth…79 degrees and 89%. What a change.

Yesterday was still with a light layer of dew on the world. But the air was clean and clear, the mockingbird was singing loud and cheerful above my head, and the sun was bright on the trees in the yard and woods. The dew on the sunlit cypress tree gave it a kind of green jewel quality, but softened in a way.

I was reading US News this week and I see the secret is out as Boone makes the top 10 in budget retirement locations…I would say congratulation but I was hoping the secret would stay hidden (at least until we moved to the mountains). I was happy to see that one of our earlier retirement hopes was on the list also…Fredericksburg, Tx is where we go many years for our anniversary runaway from the kids weekend. It is also about as close to the Houston area as you can go and find what passes for mountains.

Garrison Keillor takes a long look at the state of the world in Salon and brings back this look of the future for thee…

You look at the Amish and you see the past but you might also be looking at the future. Our great-grandchildren, faced with facts their ancestors were able to ignore, might have to do without the internal-combustion engine and figure out how to live the subsistence life. Maybe someone will invent a car that runs on hydrogen, or horse manure, or maybe people will travel on beams of light like in old radio serials, but the realist in you thinks otherwise.

Source: Amish like me | Salon.com

Mr. Bush must have done Harvard Business School about like he has done everything else in his life…

The White House said it would hold firm against concrete long-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a major priority for Merkel, the host of the Group of 8 meeting.

At some point in his college career they must have mentioned that in oder to set goals they have to be achievable and measurable. Setting goals without actual…well, you know…goals is like…cheating. Oh (slap my forehead) that’s right…We are talking about George W Bush aren’t we…
Source: U.S. rejects greenhouse gas initiative at G8 summit | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Time to run…catch you later.

Another First

Looks like the same old game for the Bush administration. Give a big speech taking the oppositions side away from them, do some back office finagling to ensure what you just promised doesn’t happen, and then just assume no one will notice.

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is drastically scaling back efforts to measure global warming from space, just as the president tries to convince the world the U.S. is ready to take the lead in reducing greenhouse gases.

Not only are they scaling back the numbers of satellites but they are pulling out the instrument packages that would have been used to study long range climate data. That’ll pretty much put an end to the inconvenience of having your own data used against you in the court of public opinion…or not.

Source: U.S. slashes global warming monitoring | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Tomorrows weather will be brought to you courtesy of the EU and our good buddies in the Bureau of French Climate Studies…Have a great day George, and all the rest of you also.