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Day two – Mommy I Ate the Geiger Counter…

Currently: 73°

Dewpoint: 72° Wind: Calm
Humidity: 97% Pressure: 29.87 in Hg
Average: High 91° Low 72°
Record: High 102° (1998) Low 62° (1995)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:23PM
(14:03 hours of sunlight)

I am still working on a repeatable format for this blog, so bear with me. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop them in the ol’ comment box at the end of this ramble…

I had the first radiation treatment yesterday afternoon. I can’t really say anything about it ’cause other than being pinned to a table with a cage over my face it hasn’t had time to have an effect. More interesting though was the drive home. One of SE Texas’ infamous summer thunderstorms had built up and we ended up driving home through one amazing light and sound show. Even watched a lightning bolt hit a transformer on a pole and knock out the lights (including the stop light I was approaching). Later after sundown we had another of these light and sound extravaganzas pass over the house.

Sadly for the lightshow lovers in my family most of these great big single cell T-storms come upon us from the north. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining (much), but from my front porch you look through one big bunch of trees before you can see free sky. Usually when a storm is approaching I have to wander down to the back end of the backyard. But with one of these lightning flinging monsters we had rolling around yesterday, you really should think twice before you make yourself a target like that. Even though these big guys can’t aim for spit, they will get lucky occasionally. Personally, I don’t think the view is worth it. I’ve been close to one of those ground strikes once and I’d like to avoid a repeat if I can.

From North Carolin…

This picture was taken this May of another storm coming in…

Enough of the weather, even though today promises to be another repeat of the past few steamers…email calls and the morning commute clock is ticking.

My calendar tells me that if the Floyd Bloggers are still getting together, today’s the day. Somebody hoist a cup of java for me…I’ll be there in spirit at least.

Looks like I’ve run out the clock again…see you down the road.

Wednesday – Middle of the week musing


Currently: 75°

Dewpoint: 73° Wind: Calm
Humidity: 94% Pressure: 29.92 in Hg
Average: High 90° Low 72°
Record: High 100° (2006) Low 61° (1955)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:23PM
(14:03 hours of sunlight)

Yesterday on the drive to work the weather prognosticator was saying something about a heat index of 103°. Now that’s summer. Last week I know they projected a couple of days to be 105-11o°.

Back in my younger days we didn’t do “heat indexes”. Back then a temperature of 105° was just hot, now we are told that 105° doesn’t feel like 105°it feels like 120°. And the 90° that was just a normal warm summer day, feels like it’s 105°. I guess my question is, has anything really changed other than the predominance of air conditioners? I remember May and September days in elementary school in Pasadena, sitting in class with all of the windows open, no breeze, flies buzzing around the classroom, heat and humidity so thick it was like swimming in air. The sweat would be dripping from the buzz cut my father had just had the barber give me that past Saturday. The fan hanging above the blackboard barely moving the heat around. Cicadas making their rising and falling buzz outside in time to the teachers lecture as you took notes that smeared from the sweat on your forearm as you wrote…I think I’ll stick with the AC, though I am sure there will come a time when the heat I remember seems like just a nice spring day.


The morning chorus to raise the sun has begun. Mockingbirds leading as usual. It is almost as if they are singing to welcome the sun each morning.

Well it’s email time…Google Calendar wont get to welcome me each day with the message that “You have no events scheduled for today”. At least not for the next 7 weeks…Treatments start this afternoon, hokey mask mask and all. You have to love the way the doctors keep telling you the treatments are only 5 minutes each day, completely ignoring the fact that you are driving over an hour to get there from work, sitting in their waiting room for anything from 10 to 30 minutes before doing your treatment and then driving back. But it’s only a 5 minute treatment. Jeeze, try thinking about it from the patients side sometimes…I don’t spend my day st your facility, so it’s not just a “five minute” procedure…

Even Leon Hale is sitting on the porch watching the world awaken…

WINEDALE — On the front porch again at the old country house in Washington County, where I can’t see a yard past my nose because it’s 5:15 a.m. and still midnight dark.

I went to bed too early. Woke up an hour ago and got tired lying there staring into the blackness. Finally got up and started staring into the blackness out on the porch instead.

Over the weekend Leon posted the first pictures of the “old country house” on his blog. Quite a few of us were expecting more “rustic” from the comments he has made over the years.

Source: Hale: Covering the day’s most critical event | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Well it’s after 7am and I gotta move…catch y’all later.

Tuesday, O’Six, Twelve, Twenty O’Seven

Currently: 73°

Dewpoint: 72° Wind: NE 3 MPH
Humidity: 97% Pressure: 29.98 in Hg
Average: High 90° Low 72°
Record: High 101° (1978) Low 60° (1955)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:23PM
(14:03 hours of sunlight)

The forecast is calling for seasonal highs and lows for the day so life goes on in an average sort of way…Even though the house is closed up to keep the humidity down, you can still here the morning chorus outside.

Last night I walked out to the edge of the meadow (semi-domesticated field, my backyard, see picture in the header), and folks, it was dark out there. The sky was just hazy enough to dampen the reflected night lighting and the stars above so only a few of the brighter stars shown through. Without the normal competition they looked much brighter than normal.

I caught the link to this story at Inhabitat but the link didn’t work so here’s their link to Yahoo News.

HONG KONG (AFP) – Money raised from a Hong Kong government levy to be placed on the use of polluting plastic bags will be used to fund green education programmes, the environment chief said Tuesday.

A charge of 50 Hong Kong cents will be imposed on every plastic bag issued by some shops from the end of next year.

The bags are considered harmful to the environment as they take so long to decompose when trashed. The levy is aimed at reducing the number used each year.

Now I know that sounds like a good idea…But (you knew there would be a but, didn’t you), wouldn’t you accomplish more by just teaching the damn sackers to put more than one or two items in a bag? Tis a pet peeve of mine tis true, but come on folks, if your bags are so thin you can’t load them, don’t buy the damn things. It seems that with most sackers now you are going to get fifteen bags to haul home the same amount of purchases that used to travel home in two paper bags. But don’t ask for paper or they look at you like you are crazy and then they load them just like the plastic. When I shop at the local produce store at the farm here in town (and no everything you buy there isn’t grown there, but a lot is) they manage to get 20 to 30 pounds of produce in just a couple of bags…Go figure.

Source: Plastic bag levy to pay for green education in Hong Kong – Yahoo! News

Oh well, times a running and I’ve “got mail”…

Garrison brings us this summertime offering from Nikki Giovanni.

Knoxville, Tennessee

I always like summer
you can eat fresh corn
from daddy’s garden
and okra
and greens
and cabbage
and lots of
and buttermilk and homemade ice-cream
at the church picnic

Wander on over and read the rest at The Writer’s Almanac.

Well it’s time to run.

Monday Morning Muse

Current Weather: 73°

Dewpoint: 72° Wind: Calm
Humidity: 97% Pressure: 29.94 in Hg
Average: High 90° Low 71°
Record: High 96° (1953) Low 57° (1955)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:22PM

Well, this is the first weekday post on this site. I am not sure where it’s going but it’ll be interesting to find out. I think I like the idea of starting each muse with the local weather. It was one of the things that seemed to how up in most of my morning muses in the past. The weather above is from My-Cast Personal Weather . They will email you a personal forecast at a schedule you pick.

It’s sunrise outside and the morning chorus is in full voice. The predominate notes as always are the song of the mockingbird. We must have at least a half-dozen living here on the front acre around the house. We have 13 mature Oak trees around the house with a scattering of Pecans, Cedars, Chinese Tallow, and Hackberries. Through the winters here the Hackberries get most of the attention from the birds which explains their predominance along with Black Willows in the woods along Mustang Bayou.

BLOG TIP: Do you use Google Reader? If you do you may want to add your own blog to the feeds you read. It seems that Google being Google they archive all of the posts in your feeds (or at least that’s the way it looks from a cursory search. This could come in handy, as it did for me this morning, when a post gets deleted accidentally. Of course it only works with published posts and later edits don’t show up, but hey, it’s something to keep in mind…