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Saturday, March 11

Another Rainy Day Forecast For An Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

Another Rainy Day Forecast For An Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

It’s cool enough for the start of the day, just shy of 70 degrees. There’s a nice breeze moving the trees about, but even so, the ceiling fans are humming their song above my head. And… spring moves on.

Our forecast for the day is calling for afternoon thunderstorms. Since it has rained on my parade at least a little each day this week, it’s only fitting. And to make the day even better, I’ve come down with a cold… or maybe just allergies, watery eyes and runny nose, what more could you ask for?

The big cypress has begun to leaf out… finally. Buds are swelling on the red oak. That’ll leave only the pecans holding onto winter’s bare limbs. So my world has become mostly green and filled with bird song. The thistle is starting to bloom in the neighbor’s field. That should bring an abundance of bumblebees into my world. Here’s a picture from a previous year…

After looking around online, my thistle appears to be a native…

Cirsium horridulum

Cirsium horridulum Michx.

Yellow Thistle, Horrid Thistle, Bristle Thistle

Asteraceae (Aster Family)


Well, it’s Saturday and almost time to take my better half out to breakfast, hopefully the Busy Bee won’t look like last Sunday when the parking lot was stuffed…

Friday, March 10

Cloudy With A Slight Chance Of Sun Morning Coffee Muses

Cloudy With A Slight Chance Of Sun Morning Coffee Muses

If nothing else, this year is beginning as the year of the overcast morning picture. Here we are, in our third month, and I can’t recall more than a dozen sunny mornings. Not that I’m really complaining, as hot as it’s been the clouds are a good sunshade. But, damn, if I have to put up with all of this overcast I could live in Seattle.

All of the usual suspects are singing their morning songs. And the sounds of humans are at a minimum this morning. Even the sounds of livestock are nonexistent. Just me and the birds…

Almost everywhere you look, spring green is the predominant color of my world. Though, the pessimistic pecans are still holding forth in all their bare limbed glory waiting for that last snap of cold weather that never seems to come. But, it’s only at this time of year that you realize just how many pecan trees there are around here. Trees are leafed out everywhere, but, looking around you still see a lot of bare limbs on the skyline.

Coffee’s gone… so am I.

Thursday, March 9

Hazy, Damp, Not Cool, Not Hot, Morning Coffee Muses

Hazy, Damp, Not Cool, Not Hot, Morning Coffee Muses

Yesterday afternoon a foggy, misty, not really rain moved in. Today’s feel is much the same… The air is heavy with moisture, the tops of the trees are hazy through a lite lifting fog.

There’s a bluebird hunting insects in the grass as blue jays squawk overhead. A mockingbird is investigating the wisteria as yellow-rumps flitter about in the top of the pines. A squirrel scampers warily about from tree to tree. While around it all the cardinals sing their morning song…

I need to mow, but, there’s water standing all over in low spots, and, where it isn’t standing the ground just squishes. If it wasn’t so green this would be the mud season.

I have a honey bee Investigating all around me today. Usually it’s solitary wasps that pester you by flying all around. It’s the bees and the wasps that drive my wife crazy. She is just sure they are trying to attack her.

Coffee’s running low… gotta go see what trouble I can get into today.

Tuesday, March 7

Warm, Muggy, March Morning Coffee Muses

Warm, Muggy, March Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a soccer ball on the yard, blown there by yesterday’s winds. The same wind that had the plastic bag under the wisteria dancing circles in the air. Around and around the bag was dancing, first along the ground… then above head high. Dancing… Circling… Twirling… A virtual waltz in the air.

More rain is in the forecast this morning. Already this spring it’s looking very Irish about the place… there’s a green glow coming on all the growing plants. The air itself seems to be greening… Causing the cardinals to appear lit as the sit and sing upon a limb.

A cottontail just hopped out upon the yard. There’s almost always one somewhere on the place. Sometimes seen often, but, sometimes for months on end, seen not at all.