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Three Years Ago Today…

I started down a path I am still walking today.

Inventing the Myth as I Go

Where am I heading and how will I get there?

You are welcome to come along for the ride. Try not to fall off as we round the curves…

I have tried to do this blog thing before and haven’t managed to develop the discipline to make it work…Blame it on the Floyd County Group of Bloggers for this new try. Fred First and his Fragments From Floyd Blog is inspiring me to begin again in the creation of the myth that is my life. Give me a little time and I’ll try to tie up the loose ends…

via Day One of the next stage of my life… | North Carolina Mountain Dreams.

That was the original post on a new blog I set up with Blogger. North Carolina Mountain Dreams was a description of a state of mind as well as the title of a new blog. As long as the conversation stay focused (more of less) on that dream, it was a good fit.

Sometime later I began to notice that most of the posts were beginning to be about my life in Texas and less about my Mountain Dreams. The category most of the posts were falling into was “coffee muses”. After a quick check of domain name registrations, I bought the name and moved my primary blog post to this site.

I have continued to post to the original North Carolina Mountain Dreams on a less regular schedule while I rethought and reframed the purpose of that site. Somewhere along the line, the dream expanded into Virginia. My wife and I are still looking and dreaming about a move to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The search runs from around Asheville in the south all the way up to Roanoke in the north. The two locuses are still Boone to Linville in North Carolina and Floyd County in Virginia.  Research on both states continues with results being written up on my two Mountain Dreams sites…

I wrote about my history on the web in a post last week if you are interested in my convoluted life on the web.

So after three years of somewhat regular posting here and there…The story continues. Won’t you join me on the journey?


Last night I wandered out with a glass of wine after an evening of rain. Lightning was still flashing to the south. The ground was wet, the trees were still dripping…Yet as I stood there in my backyard what did I see? Fireflies. just a couple wandering around a couple of acres looking for love. Judging by the ground they were covering, it was in all the wrong places. But just seeing them brought back memories. Memories of the first year we moved to this place.

It was fall, not spring when we  first arrive on this three acres. Sherry and I were sitting out back on the steps one evening waiting for the day to cool down. Life hadn’t been very comforting to us at that point. You could even say we had hit a rough spot in the road. Moving into this house was a step down from the home we had built for us. But things change and life goes on. And on that evening we were sitting there watching the day come to an end and the night grab hold of the end. And as we sat, what should we see?

It was a sight like none I had ever seen before. Thousands and thousands of fireflies began to blink in the woods along the bayou. They started at ground level, but within a short while they were scattered from the ground to the tops of all of the trees. Never in my life until that night had I seen so many lightning bugs in one place. It was as if someone had strung Christmas lights through all of the trees in sight…What started as just another evening took on the semblance of magic.

It would be a lot of years before I would be impressed by another display of natures ability to awe with cold light. It was our second trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains on a June evening that I stepped out into the road on Nettles Knob that I was struck speechless. This time it was a half a mile of synchronized flashing by millions of fireflies. The thing that really amazed me was the way the flashes moved in a wave down the mountain…Wave after wave after wave, flashing over and over again…I stood out there for hours as the fireflies worked their way higher into the trees. That was 2004, nothing has come close to that June night in the years since. But still I hold out hope…

I think I’ll have to pour another glass tonight and wander out to see if the two fireflies I saw last night are joined by any more tonight…Care to join me?

Earth Day Is On It’s Way

I saw this announcement in the local news email this week…

The city’s biggest family celebration begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at Discovery Green, a large green space in the heart of downtown. And as it happens, it’s one of those old-fashioned grass-roots efforts.

via Earth Day Houston: We’re having an eco-party | Lifestyle/Features | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle.

It started me thinking about the plans I had prior to my bum’s rush out the door at work last year. For a number of years I had set Earth Day 2010 as my “retirement” day from the company I started working at in 1973. While I wouldn’t be at a normal retirement age, I felt the length of time at my firm was beginning to take the freshness off. The date was picked for a number of reasons, both fiscal and physical. Needless to say all of those plans were changed by management game players…Thanks one and all!

One thing to be said about being ushered out the door…It will mean a two year jump on making the move we want to make to the Blue Ridge Mountains (barring winning the give-away house at Southern Living). We just have to hold out long enough for the financials to work their way through the system. I have to be thankful for the fact that my better half still has a job that pays enough so that we only have to tap savings a little bit to ride this out. With the economic situation being what it is we are extremely lucky.

One of the benefits of this life right now is getting to live a slower more deliberate life. Like enjoying the spring morning outside swinging youngest grandson in his swing I just installed this past weekend. Watching his delight as the wind alternated between blowing in his face and blowing his hair in his face. Standing there in shorts and t-shirt, flip flops on my feet, temperature in the mid 60’s, watching a couple of hawks play up above, mockingbirds doing their thing in trees scattered around the yard, the smell of honeysuckle tickling my nose…Life could definitely be worse…But I’m not sure it can git much better.

Sitting in the one lawn chair we have out back while the youngster jumped in his jumping horse, I couldn’t help but wish we had a table and chair to sit and work on the computer at. I’ll admit though it would only be useful in the mornings ’cause since Ike exacted hi toll on our trees (especially the big oak that went away completely) the afternoons are way to warm out here.

Gone...and missed every afternoon.