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Thursday, May 11

Overcast And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

Overcast And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

It’s another mockingbird morning…

Boy, how about those Republicans? Who are they going to send to the showers next? Coming up on the seventh inning stretch and they are falling further and further behind. They’re behind on Healthcare, they’re behind on that Russia thing they keep trying to bury. Their education cheerleader just got booed of the field. Their color commentator, Kellyanne, is becoming repetitive… And honestly, just a little… alternatively factual. It’s been a hell of a season and we’re only into spring training.

Folks, if you aren’t following this game closely, you are abrogating your duty as a citizen of this almost democracy. So, turn on anything but Fox and get with the news of the day before these buffoons gerrymander the country right into Trumpanistan. Even with my tongue in cheek commentary above, this isn’t a game. Everything happening harkens back to the very worst of Nixonian power abuses.

My one question, where are the Republican investigators who spent so much money for six years investigating nothing, finding nothing, doing nothing? Could it be, for once, they’re afraid the might find something, be forced to do something? I always heard that ignorance of the law was no excuse… What does that say about all of these Republican Lawmakers who seem to be acting just plain blindly ignorant?

And Donald, WTF, you fire the head law officer investigating your ties to Russia one evening and then have a closed door meeting in the Oval the very next morning… Damn, the one thing most people agreed about when talking about you was you media savviness, and you had to prove even that wrong.

Me, I plan to spend the next few days watching Donald Trump’s swamp fester and boil over. I just hope he doesn’t take the country down when he implodes…

Healthcare In America Just Took A Hit

“The bill would eliminate tax penalties Obama’s law which has clamped down on people who don’t buy coverage and it erases tax increases in the Affordable Care Act on higher-earning people and the health industry. It cuts the Medicaid program for low-income people and lets states impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients. It transforms Obama’s subsidies for millions buying insurance — largely based on people’s incomes and premium costs — into tax credits that rise with consumers’ ages.

It would retain Obama’s requirement that family policies cover grown children until age 26.

But states could get federal waivers freeing insurers from other Obama coverage requirements. With waivers, insurers could charge people with preexisting illnesses far higher rates than healthy customers, boost prices for older consumers to whatever they wish and ignore the mandate that they cover specified services like pregnancy care.

The bill would block federal payments to Planned Parenthood for a year, considered a triumph by many anti-abortion Republicans.”

House Republicans pass bill to repeal Obamacare

Well, they did it… Now I start dealing with my Republican Senators. As far I’m concerned my Repugnant Representative will have one very pissed of old hippy doing everything I can to see that he has to go back to fixing air conditioners. If he’s as good at that as he is at fixing healthcare he’ll be needing Obamacares return real quick. Of course what he voted on today doesn’t pertain to him and his family, since these Repugnants gave themselves a waiver on having this bill affect their own healthcare insurance. Must be nice to think it’s good enough for your constituents but not good enough for you.

2018 can not come soon enough. I have never understood Republican disdain for the teachings of Christ. Everything I was taught in Sunday School dealt with helping your neighbors, giving to the poor and the sick. So, what is their belief system that allows them to take medicine from poor children? Take doctor’s visits from poor families? Does anyone remember Sarah Palin and her death panels? Well now we know who’s on them… 217 Republican Representatives. I hope everyone of you is proud of yourselves…

Republicans always talk about the babies abortion kills… Lack of available healthcare kills far more babies, children, adults, the elderly by orders of magnitude… Yet, here we are once again, all alone in the civilized world throwing our citizens under the healthcare bus. At least that way they get taken to the ER…

The real irony is in the name… The American Healthcare Act. But then, that’s the Republican way… Name everything the opposite of what it does.

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Wednesday, March 1

Warm And Muggy Before The Cool Morning Coffee Muses

Warm And Muggy Before The Cool Morning Coffee Muses

I can’t remember a season with as many overcast mornings. Just looking back through these morning post photos it’s gray sky after gray sky with a few blue skies mixed in for variety. Today we have a cool front stretching across Texas in the more normal horizontal orientation, as I write this it’s just about Huntsville. It looks a bit like rain here and when I opened the radar I was greeted with just three blotches of rain on the state… all three on top of my house. Go figure.

I tried to watch our so-called President’s speech last night, and I did pretty well. I made it through about thirty minutes. I think I killed it when he mentioned the new office at Homeland that they named VOICE. The whole concept of an office just to propagandize violent crime against citizens by illegal immigrants… it’s a solution looking for a problem. How much is this new bureaucracy going to cost to grow fear of non-citizens? Which progressive program will have it’s funding cut to pay for this media office.

The President’s speech was advertised as being an optimistic view of America. The only thing optimistic that I found in his depressing views on my country was that he thought he could call on Democrats to work with Republicans to roll back seven decades of progress in America. His optimistic view that Democrats will get on board with Ryancare… His optimistic view that Democrats will vote for block grants for Medicaid… And what the hell is this bit of song and dance about for every new regulation you have to roll back two. Folks, regulations are all that protect us from the greed of the few at the top of the economic food chain, and we’ve been losing ground there for the last few decades.

Basically what I heard last night was a man without a clue telling everyone that he would do what he promised in the campaign no matter what the consequences. By a fluke of our election laws, Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States against the wishes of the majority of folks who even showed up to vote. He was not elected king, this country isn’t his beloved Russia where an ex-KGB killer can do whatever he wants in the name of power.

What’s really sad is, that after eight years of being the party of “No”, Republicans last night looked like a bunch of drunken frat boys laughing it up at a party, high fiving each other for pulling it off. All I can say is God help America and the World… Because from all indications, leadership left the building at the White House.

Saturday, February 25

Cool And Windy Coffee Muses Morning

Cool And Windy Coffee Muses Morning

Beautiful morning. Completely clear sky. Temperature in the low fifties on the other side of the house, upper fifties on the porch. Winds are strong out of the north and getting stronger, gusting at twenty mph.

The morning symphony is quite… just an occasional bird sound, no songs. The only sound I’m hearing, besides the wind, is a crop duster off in the distance. What a crop duster is doing flying on a windy day like today, I haven’t a clue.

I find myself sitting here thinking about American values and ideals. And how those values have changed and the ideals we once held in common aren’t so common any longer. Newt and his contract started it all back in the nineties. Which is also where the hatred of Hillary began. Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Mitch McConnell, Tom Delay… etc. etc. etc. All of them pushing this country to the right. Now the center looks like the Republican party of the fifties and the sixties… And our better angels have been subsumed by the fears of the heartland… a heartland that was once our guiding spirit has now grown so fearful of losing all that they would back a man and an agenda that states upfront that they want to trash it all to make America Great Again. You can’t make America great by reversing the very ideals that made it great to begin with.

Each and every day they chip, chip, chip at the foundations of this nation. The constant #alternativenews of this White House isn’t a mistake on their part… It’s planned to have the heartland here exactly what they want them to hear. Read the interviews, look at the data, what started out a couple of decades ago as a joke to the left now controls the news of the right. Fox News, talk radio, that’s where the heartland says they get their news. Twisted news and conspiracy theories, edited videos and out of context quotes. Does anyone really believe Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii? Really! I mean besides our #so-called President?

But, here we have mainstream media reporters being blocked by the White House in a fit of pique for actually reporting news the White House finds uncomfortable. Folks, it only took a month for them to start a campaign of censorship. The White House declared war on the mainstream media, called the “enemies of the American people”. Now they are blocking those very same media outlets from covering the statements of the White House… if it wasn’t so frightening, I’d compare it to the schoolyard bullies of my childhood… you know the one’s… they cheered when the announcement came over the loudspeaker in music class that our President had been shot dead in Dallas… in our very own state!

Sorry for the rant, but sometimes it’s exactly what’s needed. Maybe if more of us went on a rant at this government something would change… but probably not, we are all just paid political activist… I know my social security pays me a lot to do this…