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To Mulch or Not…Too Mulch of a Good Thing.

My first house had siding of shiplap cypress. Great wood for building, tough for painting. I often wondered about those bags of cypress mulch at the garden center…seems it really is too much of a good thing…

It seems that in the past ten years or so cypress logging as an industry has taken off. In a recent article in Mother Jones, it was reported that according to the Louisiana Forestry Association, loggers are razing up to 20,000 acres of cypress every year, most of it not for wood for furniture or houses, but for …mulch. And, it is all above board. Supporters say logging provides desperately needed jobs. But at what expense? If the present logging trend continues, it is only a matter of decades before southern Louisiana is obliterated. Then what?

via – Wednesday What’s New: No to Cypress Mulch.

So the word is use the pine mulch. It is already grown in plantations. Better yet, recycle your leaves and other yard waste.