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Aaron Franklin

This is the video series that taught me how to handle a brisket…

Picking and trimming the meat…


Mmmmmmmmm… It’s brisket.

The big question about brisket… To wrap or not to wrap…

Now, I’m gonna need to do some shopping before Saturday… I’m really looking forward to this…


Wednesday, April 26

Warm, Muggy, Windy, Too Much Like Summer Morning Coffee Muses

Warm, Muggy, Windy, Too Much Like Summer Morning Coffee Muses

When I walked out t his morning the temperature was already pushing 80º and the sun wasn’t even out yet. Even with the fans turning and the wind blowing, comfort wasn’t the word of the day. Add to those troubles a total lack of usable WiFi and my morning muse was short circuited… Still don’t know what is happening with the WiFi, but the indoor weather is much more conducive to muses.

This new round of genealogy research has already led to a few new cousins. I had an email from a 2nd cousin once removed. She was pointing out a few mistakes on her line where we connect. I corrected my data and shared emails with her. We share a Great-Great-Grandfather on my Sewell line, what we don’t share is the same Great-Great-Grandmother. I descend from his first wife, she descends from the second. Between the two wives they produced 16 children before gr-gr-grandpa died at 86 in 1918.

I’ve also been in virtual conversations with a couple of Sherry’s distant cousins who connected through DNA tests. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the full DNA concept, but, I’m trying. I’m waiting on my Y-DNA test to see if I can jump my brick wall back in the early 1800’s with my Gr-Gr-Grandpa Edward Boyd. He was in Georgia in the 1840’s thru 50’s with a wife and family, came to Texas and married my Gr-Gr-Grandma in 1853 in Lamar County. Moved to Lampasas County before 1860 and died before 1870. I’ve been looking for his roots now for 20 years.

Time to move on… Later

Monday Mornng Coffee Muses, January Second

So far, 2017 has started off warm and humid. That’s about to change tomorrow. It’s windy this morning and I’m seeing, and hearing, more of the winter birds around the area you see in the photo.

Today will also be the last full day of a full house. My wife will return to work and the grandkids will return to school tomorrow. Today will also see the last of the Christmas decorations packed away for another year. Tomorrow the house will return to it’s close to normal self.

Looking around this yard, it appears very close to full winter… at least as far as the trees are concerned. There are just a few still holding onto the leaves they have to drop. The grass is still unseasonably green though. And the wisteria is strangely still mostly leaved. But all in all, this view is still predominated by the evergreens that surround me. And it’s this evergreen view that surrounds me that always surprises me when I venture out away from home and see the leaflets gray-brown look that predominates the rest of this part of the state.

Form the thunder rumbling in, I guess the weather is about to get interesting. I better finish this cup of coffee before I get run in the house.

Christmas Memories

Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow (Photo credit: gw_boyd)

I was reading through my emails and Google Reader feeds today when I came across Jim Casada’s December Newsletter. As I was reading his list of childhood Christmas Memories I found myself nodding on more than one occasion as my own memories mached up with Jim’s.

Here are a few that I particularly liked…

  • The Christmas Day feast at the home of my grandparents. It was a meal rivaled only by the spread at Thanksgiving.
  • Grandpa Joe “sassering” a cup of Russian tea and smacking his lips as he drank liquid hot enough to scorch most lips.
  • The concluding words of every blessing I ever heard Grandpa deliver as we were preparing to eat: “You’uns see what’s before you. Eat hearty.”

via ~ Things I Remember About Past Decembers – Jim Casada

I think it was the”sassering” that really hit a nerve though. I learned to drink coffee with my Grandma and Grandpa Sewell. And it was the saucering and blowing across the almost boiling coffee that still brings them back into the fore of my memories. Instant Folgers stirred into water so hot it foamed as it swirled around the cup…poured from the cup into the saucer before being cooled by blowing across the pool until you could sip it from the side of the saucer. Then repeat… Over and over until the cup was empty.

Twice a day every day. The ritual didn’t change other than the addition of whoever might be around at 10 and 2. Sometimes, the addition of cookies or cake would take the ritual to another level. But most days it was just coffee…”Sassered” and blowed.

Last year we started a new tradition around the Coffee Muses homestead when I had the photo at the top of the page printed and framed to remind us of the Christmas Miracle that happened in 2004 when we had the only Christmas eve and Christmas Snow ever recorded in this area. Now, every December as we decorate for Christmas the picture is moved over the mantle at the fireplace… Both as a reminder and a wish…