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Sunday, November 19

A beautiful, windy and cool fall morning coffee muses.

It’s a pleasant 62° out here on the back porch in the brilliant sunshine. As usual, it’s ten degrees cooler on the windy front porch facing north.

Trains are running on the rails, horns a blaring in the distance.

Crows are kawing to the southwest… discussing whatever it is that crows discuss.

Essentially, it’s a quiet Sunday morning. From the sounds I’m hearing, only the trains are moving this morning.

I’ve enjoyed the morning long enough that I just had to move my rocker to stay in the shade of the porch post.

It’s a funny thing, this world I live in, even as the tree limbs go bare… The predominant color is green on green. It’s almost Thanksgiving and my world is still mostly green.

The buzzards are enjoying the strong north wind to ride high in the sky before circling back to earth.

The strong wind has a voice this morning as it winds its way around the trees. A deep, almost roaring, moaning voice of wind and leaves.

It’s time to play breakfast chef and put some bacon and eggs on the plate.

Saturday, November 18

An angel trumpet morning coffee muses.

The day is starting of in the low seventies. The prognosticators are foretelling of a strong cold front passing around midnight bringing an overnight low into the upper forties. Before the front though we can expect the high to hit the upper eighties. Fall on the Texas Gulf Coast, you gotta love it.

The sky this morning is cloudless. Perfectly fall blue. Bright sun shining blindingly on the back porch has me once again on the front, sitting in the shade. They are calling for high winds overnight with the front. So I guess we will be losing most of the leaves before we get the chance to enjoy the color change.

It’s going to be a long day of shopping getting ready for Thursday. Sam’s Club is calling my name. I’m sure Wal-Mart will be hollering soon after that. Then it’ll be Kroger. I’ll save Forsberg’s for the first of the week.

I was just looking next door and thinking they missed their schedule, they were supposed to be in the house by Thanksgiving and they won’t be making it now. But it shouldn’t be long after…

You know you live in the country when you regularly see tractors driving down the road in front of your house… Just saying. I feels more country now than it did when we moved out here. We now have cows grazing just behind our property, back then the closest cows were down the road a hundred yards or so. Though truth be told, I spent more time back then putting Shibey’s bull back up than you would believe. The big black beast was always getting out. That bull was much easier to handle than the rodeo bulls that I spent two years fighting with the owner to get moved away from the pasture to th north. Those guys were just mean.

Out time to start thinking about breakfast… Later

Friday, November 17

Warmer, more humid, waiting for the next cool front morning coffee muses.

It’s warm enough to avoid the sun filled back porch this morning. It was 72° up here in the shade when I got into the shower. The back porch is reading 82° right now. Even with the fans that’s warm. The prognosticators are foretelling of a cool down this weekend and another on Thanksgiving.

My agenda for today is to make a pre-pre-Thanksgiving HEB shopping run to restock all of the essentials. You know what I mean… chicken stock, wine, potatoes, wine, onions, wine, butter, wine, and more chicken stock… And wine. Oh, I must not forget… wood for the smoker.

Once again the Angel trumpet is covered with blooms. And it looks like there are a hundred more waiting to open.

Well it’s time to get moving…

Thursday, November 16

Watching the sun rise on a hazy fall morning coffee muses.

The humidity is up and so is the temperature. It’s not unpleasant out, but it does require the ceiling fans.

The color in the red oak is always deeper whenever there’s moisture in the air. But, from the look of it this morning, we’re still a couple of weeks away from full color.

It seems as though the morning fog is getting thicker as the sun comes up. I won’t complain since it’s making the sun dim enough to look at as it leaves the horizon. Funny, but it’s actually getting darker as the sun rises.

One week to thanksgiving. We haven’t even set the menu. We’ll have turkey… And ham. For some reason that’s our traditional holiday meal. Cornbread dressing because that’s how you do it down south. Mashed potatoes with copious amounts of butter and heavy cream. A green bean casserole because the (grown-up) kids insist. Yeast rolls with butter and garlic. Cranberry sauce, out of the can so it keeps the shape.

A vegetable tray with dip, an olive tray, a pickle selection… And after at least two days of prep and eight hours of cooking, when the meal is served, my appetite will be nil… so I’ll sit and watch everyone eat… Family, much of it at least, under one roof and around the table enjoying each other’s company.