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Sunday, February eighteenth

A foggy, somewhat cooler, still overcast morning coffee muses.

The battles at the feeder continue. One little warbler trying to control the access to the seeds.

The promised cool down fizzled. Lows in the fifties, not so much. Highs in the low seventies… that ain’t gonna happen either. Though the cool damp air doesn’t require ceiling fans now, by lunch it will.

The lack of morning sun has played havoc with my sleep patterns. This winter has found me laying in bed way too late on too many mornings… including this one. And the boss will be demanding breakfast soon, so this is going to be short.

Oh, and how about those Russians, spreading their fake news for well over two years in the last election cycle… And nobody thinks they effected the outcome… my ass!  Now we have a Russian conspiracy to effect our election. And, tell me again, which side was trying to hide it’s Russian connections? Which side has been caught, time and time again, lying about meeting with Russians. Which President has refused to enforce the sanctions against Russia passed by Congress? Would that be President Clinton? She did win the popular vote after all. Oh no, somehow in just a few isolated counties around the country the vote went the other way. And just by chance, that’s where the most “fake news” was passed around on social networks… you think.

Breakfast time…

Saturday, February seventeenth

For a minute, the sun appeared for this morning coffee muses.

Another mostly overcast morning. The temperature requires the ceiling fans be on. The sun’s appearance wasn’t expected, nor did it last long.

The yellow-rumps have become quite pugnacious with each other. A mockingbird visited the feeder for a bite off the suet block. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen one on my feeders. A half dozen or so ibises just circled the yard a few times before flying on. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing little flashes of yellow as the yellow-rumps are flitting from tree to tree.

The bluebirds were back at the nest box once again. The cardinal, all crimson against the bare underbrush, is in the wisteria. It’s a real cacophony of different songs coming from every direction.

Add in the roar of traffic on the bypass, the train moving down the Liverpool tracks, and the dogs barking far, far away and it’s quite the unquiet morning.

Gotta run, lots to do today.

Friday, February sixteenth

Warmer, slightly muggy, springlike morning coffee muses.

It’s already pushing the mid seventies out here. The overcast sky has become almost ever present. But the birds couldn’t be happier, the are singing their ode to spring from every direction.

It is a ceiling fan morning though. Two days running we have topped out in the eighties. That’s not the kind of highs I want to see in February.

The sun is trying to break thru. So I guess we’ll be seeing the temperatures climbing shortly.

The yard is beginning to show lots of areas of green. Up around the house it’s clover. Further out it’s individual “weeds”, what I call the winter weeds, they come up as the cold winter temperatures give way to our late winter cool temps. Down here in my neck of the country, we seldom see hard freezes, much less temperatures that drop into the twenties for days on end. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of years we’ve had more than one snow that stayed on the ground… And have fingers left over.

As you can see from the picture at the top of this post, the predominant color out my back windows is still, in the middle of winter, green. It’s the same from my office window out front. Which is why I’m always surprised when I go anywhere else. Because almost every where you look it actually looks more like winter than it does here. Though, when I look to the east or the west, I see winter from my porch. I just noticed, I’m seeing yellow flowers out under the pines. It must be the early dandelions just perceptible blooms.

I’m happy to be seeing more mockingbirds in the yard. There was a year or two where I almost didn’t see a one… they were sorely missed. It’s just not spring and summer without the sound of a mockingbird dancing from a high point singing it’s joy at being alive. It’s the one constant summer memory I have that runs through my entire life.

Well the cup is running dry… Time to wander in and see what new inaction our Congress critters will articulately talk about.

Have a great day…

Thursday, February fifteenth

Foggy, damp, beginning for a post Valentine’s Day morning coffee muses.

The morning is full of birdsong. It sounds like the males are starting to claim their territories. Though, you can’t see them that well thru the foggy air. It appears to be getting darker, the fog getting thicker.

It’s another spring feeling day out. Yesterday we actually saw some sun in the afternoon… some… for a little while. The temperature was also above 80°… in February. We’ll probably see it that high again sometime during the coming week.

Even the bubble-butts, yellow rumped warblers, are getting cantankerous, chasing each other around. They too must be feeling the onset of spring in the air…

I’ve been setting and watching, listening, not typing, and the coffee is gone. Time to move in and get a new cup.