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Tuesday, February twentieth

Breezy, overcast again, anticipating a change in the weather on my morning coffee muses.

The peacocks around the corner are starting to call their challenges to each other. I haven’t heard them in a while.

The first load of laundry is in the washer.

The first train is rumbling by. Another answers it’s call from a siding.

Cardinals are calling the borders of their territories… here… there… over yonder.

A Carolina wren is singing from the edge of the woods.

A flock of cedar waxwings just wove it’s way across the sky.

White winged doves are one of the loudest birds when they fly from a perch. And since they are almost never alone, a group of them can be startlingly loud on a quiet morning.

From the sound of it, there must have been trains lined up on sidings all around me waiting their turn to move down the tracks.

The prognosticators have backed off a bit on their foretelling of today’s rain chances. But they’ve bumped their prediction for tomorrow. 100% chance for Wednesday… I think we’ll be getting wet again. Only seems fair since the water hole at the head of the dive is just about dry.

Time to go see what the world is up to. Peace and quiet is only piece and quiet when you have something different to compare it to…


Monday, February nineteenth

Finally, a bright and sunny, though gusty morning coffee muses.

It was a great idea, just the wrong winter. I’m talking about the patio umbrella I received for Christmas. For years I’ve fought the sun all winter long on my morning coffee muses. I finally think to add the umbrella to that wish list I keep up for gift ideas. And once it arrived, the sky has stayed cloudy for weeks and weeks. But today it works… if I can keep it from blowing away on the wind gusts. The nice thing is it just misses the ceiling fans, even when it’s cocked over at an angle.

The clouds are racing north today, carrying moisture north to return with it later in the week. Starting tomorrow the rain chances climb and continue all week with a slight lessening on Saturday before climbing again… at least, that’s the foretelling of the weather prognosticators.

The plants are already calling winter done. The magnolia out front is starting to be covered in blooms. We have a small azalea that’s already covered in blossoms. And I’ve been noticing color on a number of trees around town.

I had to crank the umbrella down… The wind defeated all of my efforts to keep it from blowing over. Maybe I need to rethink my tie down methods.

Time to take this inside and check the news…

Sunday, February eighteenth

A foggy, somewhat cooler, still overcast morning coffee muses.

The battles at the feeder continue. One little warbler trying to control the access to the seeds.

The promised cool down fizzled. Lows in the fifties, not so much. Highs in the low seventies… that ain’t gonna happen either. Though the cool damp air doesn’t require ceiling fans now, by lunch it will.

The lack of morning sun has played havoc with my sleep patterns. This winter has found me laying in bed way too late on too many mornings… including this one. And the boss will be demanding breakfast soon, so this is going to be short.

Oh, and how about those Russians, spreading their fake news for well over two years in the last election cycle… And nobody thinks they effected the outcome… my ass!  Now we have a Russian conspiracy to effect our election. And, tell me again, which side was trying to hide it’s Russian connections? Which side has been caught, time and time again, lying about meeting with Russians. Which President has refused to enforce the sanctions against Russia passed by Congress? Would that be President Clinton? She did win the popular vote after all. Oh no, somehow in just a few isolated counties around the country the vote went the other way. And just by chance, that’s where the most “fake news” was passed around on social networks… you think.

Breakfast time…

Saturday, February seventeenth

For a minute, the sun appeared for this morning coffee muses.

Another mostly overcast morning. The temperature requires the ceiling fans be on. The sun’s appearance wasn’t expected, nor did it last long.

The yellow-rumps have become quite pugnacious with each other. A mockingbird visited the feeder for a bite off the suet block. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen one on my feeders. A half dozen or so ibises just circled the yard a few times before flying on. Everywhere I look, I’m seeing little flashes of yellow as the yellow-rumps are flitting from tree to tree.

The bluebirds were back at the nest box once again. The cardinal, all crimson against the bare underbrush, is in the wisteria. It’s a real cacophony of different songs coming from every direction.

Add in the roar of traffic on the bypass, the train moving down the Liverpool tracks, and the dogs barking far, far away and it’s quite the unquiet morning.

Gotta run, lots to do today.