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Saturday, May 27

Warm Sticky Start To A Saturday Morning Coffee Muses

Warm Sticky Start To A Saturday Morning Coffee Muses

I can hear a crop duster working off to the south. He’s probably spraying a rice field somewhere south of town. There’s a specific sound a crop duster makes as it swoops up and down over a field.

Yesterday afternoon the bluebirds were acting strange. They were fluttering around their house but not going in. I went out and checked the house and there was at least one hatching, maybe two, head up and mouth agape cheeping for food. Now the constant trips for food have started.

I can tell right now that firing up the smoker this afternoon is going to be a hot sticky affair. The temperature is supposed to be pushing 90° which means it’ll be at least 92°.  I probably should make a gallon of iced tea to take out with me.

My tablet is telling me I forgot to charge it last night so I should probably bring this to an end and post before I go and get an external battery to plug in to.