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David Ignatius – Expect The Worst In Iraq –

Somehow, after four years, the debate on Iraq is still animated by wishful thinking. The White House talks as if a surge of 20,000 troops is going to stop a civil war. Democrats argue that when America withdraws its troops, Iraqis will finally take responsibility for their own security. But we all need to face the likelihood that this story isn’t going to have a happy ending.

What we all need to face is the real possibility (aw, hell, it’s damn near a foregone conclusion) that the American “solution” to Sadam is going to be worse than not having gotten involved at all. George W “decided” and his decision is going to end up getting more people killed than Sadam himself was responsible for. By W’s rules of world relations, we probably should face the real likelihood that someday soon Crawford, TX will be under global interdiction with a “Coalition” of forces waiting to take the “war criminal” (oops, “war President”) off to account for his unleashing “Bush style democracy” on the rest of the world.

Source: David Ignatius – Expect The Worst In Iraq –

Charles Krauthammer – Who’s to Blame for The Killing –

Charles Krauthammer takes us to task for those blaming  America for the deaths in Iraq…

We have made a lot of mistakes in Iraq. But when Arabs kill Arabs and Shiites kill Shiites and Sunnis kill all in a spasm of violence that is blind and furious and has roots in hatreds born long before America was even a republic, to place the blame on the one player, the one country, the one military that has done more than any other to try to separate the combatants and bring conciliation is simply perverse.

It infantilizes Arabs. It demonizes Americans. It willfully overlooks the plainest of facts: Iraq is their country. We midwifed their freedom. They chose civil war.

His entire premise overlooks one thing…Why? The American Congress did not vote to go to war to “midwife freedom”. The American people did not ask to have their sons and daughters placed in the middle of the oldest religious strife on the planet. Three thousand year old tribal warfare will not be stopped with more war. Good God, the Jewish people were driven out of this region, returned, and are still being killed today in the effort to run them out again. Does anyone think that this region will see peace as long as it benefits some to see them at war?

Again, I ask. Why is America in Iraq? Besides oil, what does this country have that we are willing to die for? Who is it that thinks America’s blood is as cheap as Iraq’s oil? Only those who never bleed for it.

Source: Charles Krauthammer – Who’s to Blame for The Killing –

Molly Ivins, Populist Texas Columnist, Dies at 62 – New York Times

Molly Ivins, the liberal newspaper columnist who delighted in skewering politicians and interpreting, and mocking, her Texas culture, died today at her home in Austin. She was 62.

Ralph Barrera/Austin American-Statesman,
via Associated Press

Molly Ivins in 2006.

Her death, after a long fight with breast cancer, was confirmed by her personal assistant, Betsy Moon.

In her syndicated column, which appeared in about 350 newspapers, Ms. Ivins cultivated the voice of a folksy populist who derided those who acted too big for their britches. She was rowdy and profane, but she could filet her ideological opponents with droll precision.

After Patrick J. Buchanan, as a conservative candidate for president, declared at the 1992 Republican National Convention that America was engaged in a cultural war, she said his speech “probably sounded better in the original German.”

And another of the good ones leaves too early…

Source: Molly Ivins, Populist Texas Columnist, Dies at 62 – New York Times