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Gas Prices – Update

I really did not think the oil companies would be this desperate to keep the Republicans in charge but I guess you keep the ones that are letting you get away with it all. I originally predicted gas at $1.98 by the week before the election…I was about a month off. I guess the CEO’s are more worried than I would have thought. I paid the magic price today when I filled up at the Citgo here in town. I would suppose that all things considered, it really cheap insurance…Give up a few millions now to rape more later (oops, I meant reap…I hate it when the fingers know more than the brain). You have to figure that should the Democrats regain control of anything something will have to give. The roll backs in environmental regulations instituted by our oil-man-in-chief and his gang of roughnecks have had a major impact on the profits that are going into the coffers of these companies.
Then there will be some oversight, even if very little. That little bit of oversight is more than we have seen for the last four years.

I have to wonder though…How low will they go before Nov 7? And how quickly will they bounce back after that?

My suggestion is if you have any big gas cans, fill them up on Nov 7 after you vote…

Colin Powell in Houston

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Colin Powell is not backing down from his stand on the issue of American Principles…Nor the decision to invade Iraq.

American principles are vital to terror fight, Powell says: “Former Secretary of State Colin Powell defended Wednesday the decision to invade Iraq and topple leader Saddam Hussein, at the same time acknowledging the Bush administration has misjudged and mismanaged the aftermath of the war.”

His comments were at a speech yesterday at the meeting of the World Affairs Council of Houston.

“This is a conflict that cannot be solved by the American army. We have 140,000 (troops) there. If we had 200,000 it isn’t going to be the answer because the answer has to be with the Iraqi people. The answer has to be an Iraqi government that starts to meet its responsibility.”
“What terrorists cannot do is change the nature of our society — a society that rests solidly on the rule of law and constitutional principles, a society that respects openness and difference of opinion. Only we can change that … I’m determined to defeat the terrorists by remaining an open, welcoming place that the world respects,”

It’s too bad that President Bush doesn’t have the same respect for America that seems to be ingrained in those of our leaders who actually served this country in the armed forces. I am not saying that military service is mandatory to instill this respect, but if your only examples were this administration, it sure would be hard to prove otherwise.
The words that keep running through my head are “common good”. Of all of the guiding principles that have set this country apart, the providing for the “common good” has to be the most important. That is where our road systems, our school systems, our police and military, even our park system come from , providing for the “common good” of the American people. And it is all of these systems and more that this administration is out to demolish, if not by fiat then by pure greed and incompetence.
If nothing else I feel this election cycle is about providing once more for the “common good”. It is time that the President’s base (and I am not talking about conservatives or the religious right but the silver spoon base he comes from) to rejoin America and work with the rest of us in providing for the “common good” of all Americans, today, tomorrow, next year and next century. If not there won’t be an America to worry about.

Election Season nonsense

You can always tell when election season rolls around, the Republicans start warning about voter fraud. And I love the way they do it…

Georgia Law Requiring Voters to Show Photo ID Is Thrown Out – “‘There have been enough reports over the years of voter fraud that it is time to have a picture ID to ensure the integrity of our voting process,’ House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) said yesterday.”

They go around referencing their own complaints as evidence of the fraud they are complaining about! Gotta love em…The only real evidence of “voter fraud” in the last few rounds of elections I’ve seen reported all relate to the fraud perpetrated on the voters by the elected officials running the elections.

The main fraud appears to be the assurance of fairness where none exists. Be prepared for more of the same in November. And be prepared to here from the Republicans that all of the left wing votes being cast have to be fraudulent because nobody in this country would be so traitorous as to vote against the “War on T-error”.

Torture Is Torture

I guess this is what sticks in my craw most about these self-righteous leaders we are stuck with and Eugene Robinson said it pretty well…

Eugene Robinson – Torture Is Torture – “But we shouldn’t have to talk about the practicalities of torture, because the real question is moral: What kind of nation are we? What kind of people are we?

Bush’s view of the world is based on the idea of American exceptionalism: that this country is unique, that its ideas and values are not just worthy or admirable but superior to any others. This attitude annoys the rest of the world to no end — a lot of other countries think they’re pretty special, too — but accept for the moment that the American system is in fact the best of all systems and that the great experiment begun by the Founding Fathers was a signal event in the history of mankind. Accept, if you will, Bush’s view that the United States is steadfastly blessed by a loving God.

What do you imagine God might think about torture, Mr. President?”

In everything this administration does they claim the righteous ground. For me the entire message of every religion is are should be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule. Taught to me by my grandmother, reinforced by parents and teachers.
Unfortunately, the new Church of Corporate Power has perverted the Golden Rule. Their version reads “do unto others for the maximum profit and don’t get caught.”
We would not be having this conversation on torture but for the fact that someone talked. We would not be having a conversation on wiretaps but for the fact that someone talked. We would not be having a conversation on secret prisons but for the fact that someone talked.
This administration does not want to have these conversations. They do not want the American People to ask these questions. That is why they hide behind the official secrets act and try to classify everything. Go back over the last five years and reread the history. Even before 9/11 this administration was hiding things. Lucky for the American People, sooner or later someone always talks. Mr President you cannot hide forever…Someone will talk.