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End A War

 OK, maybe I’m dense…I know all of you on the right are sure of it, but…That big unanswered question…But, when exactly will the war in Iraq be over? We keep being told it will be over when we win. Who is going to decide that we have? Or haven’t? Why does everyone on the right think that anything the Democrats do is leading to defeat but anything the Decider-In-Chief does will lead to victory? Do they have any possible past history to point to that show that George W Bush actually knows what he is doing. Charles Krauthammer has this to say about ending the war.

Slowly bleeding our forces by defunding what our commanders think they need to win (the House approach) or rewording the authorization of the use of force so that lawyers decide what operations are to be launched (the Senate approach) is no way to fight a war. It is no way to end a war. It is a way to complicate the war and make it inherently unwinnable — and to shirk the political responsibility for doing so.

What he doesn’t say is what we should do to actually “win”. As if invading a sovereign country and “winning” has anything to do with the American Ideal. George Bush decided to change the way America does “Foreign Policy”. And in the wake of 9/11 he was able to shame the opposition into going along. He lied, either intentionally or not, to get the authorization he needed to go into Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 plotters.

Now, we get to listen to the pundits tell us how everyone else should come up with a plan before they criticise the plan the President has put forth. Get real guys. You’ve all been smoking the DC spin for too long. This President is wrong, he’s been wrong all along, and if it hadn’t been for the “bi-partisan” support of America after 9/11, he would have been a one term anomaly. Un-elected, un-liked, and un-done by his own partisanship.

No matter what else needs to happen, America needs to stop this unending mistake now, not next year. We are not wanted in Iraq. We are not wanted in the region. And for a couple of ex oilmen to have started a war over oil should prove to us that the separation of powers in the constitution is the only thing that can save this country. So, the next time the Supreme Court decides to overstep their powers, somebody slap em up side the head please. This cannot be allowed to happen again.

Source: Charles Krauthammer – No Way To End A War –

Bush and Health Care – Not

I didn’t look to see how the op-ed pages tried to spin their own survey, but the data looks pretty bad for the gang in the White House.

Nearly half of Americans don’t trust President Bush to reform the nation’s health-care system, a new Wall Street Journal Online/Harris health-care poll found.

When asked much they trust the president to come up with good policies for improving and reforming the U.S. health-care system, 49% said “not at all,” while 16% said “not much,” according to the online survey of 2,482 U.S. adults. By comparison, 18% said they trust Mr. Bush “to some extent” and only 9% trust him “a great deal” on the issue. The survey was conducted Feb. 7-9.

Do they really think anyone is surprised that America doesn’t trust Bush any more. I think the real story is how anyone can trust this administration in any regard at all.

Source: Many Americans Don’t Trust Leaders To Reform Health Care, Poll Finds –

Will the ‘decider’ branch out? | – Houston Chronicle

Jim Wright says it all right here… 

It would help immensely if the president can remember that every senator and representative considers him- and herself chosen and charged by the public and instructed by the Constitution to be a “decider,” too.

Source: Will the ‘decider’ branch out? | – Houston Chronicle

We should all take ‘voice lessons’ from Dixie Chicks | – Houston Chronicle

This was in the newsfeed from the Houston Chronicle today. 

In the new spirit of media disclosure, I should tell you that I own several Dixie Chicks CDs. But I’m not writing this as an adoring bluegrass fan. I’m writing this as a shame and empathy researcher.

That was how Brene’ Brown started her piece. Brown is on the research faculty of the UofH Graduate  College of Social Work. This is what she said about the “Chicks”…

Three women stood up, spoke out and got slapped down by a culture that doesn’t take kindly to women folk who break the rules. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that only men are to blame. There are many wonderful, strong men who support authenticity in women, and there are plenty of women who pledge allegiance to silence. Often, when women live under the weight of silence and fear speaking out, they have the least tolerance for other women who break the rules — they use them as targets to discharge their pain and rage.

I was thrilled to hear about the Dixie Chicks’ big win at the Grammy Awards. I only wish that all women who have endured the pain of speaking out could be publicly acknowledged and have something on their mantel to remind them that it’s time to trade in the old “voice lessons” for some freedom.

In the spirit of disclosure, I’ll be honest in saying I own all of the Dixie Chicks CD’s and DVD’s. I like their music, I like their politics, and I like the fact that they are from my home state of Texas. A few days ago I commented on their win and how I felt the reaction to the comments about the President were exacerbated by the consolidation of media ownership. My comments were not liked by the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters). I stand by my belief as stated. The arguments against my assertions were unconvincing (to me at least).

Source: We should all take ‘voice lessons’ from Dixie Chicks | – Houston Chronicle