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Thursday, July 20

The heat and humidity are back in force, along with the cicadas… It’s Morning Coffee Muses

Other than that it’s quiet on the back porch this morning. The tablet seems to be working, though formatting the memory card wiped out most of the camera archives and all of the music I had on it. That’s ok though, as most of the images had been uploaded somewhere if they were any good at all.

It looks like the afternoon showers are not in the forecast for today. Yesterday’s showers were pretty small. More of the summer rain pattern in the forecast for the weekend though. I’ve gotta say, at least the thunderstorms provide a break from the sun’s heat…

Even the squirrels are no longer afraid of me. They come right up to the bird feeder with me sitting right here on the porch… I’m losing my alpha predictor persona.

Time to go in and add some photos to this post….