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Wednesday, March 22

Foggy Midweek Morning Coffee Muses

Foggy Midweek Morning Coffee Muses

Dense Fog Advisory for another 10 minutes. At least it’s cool… And loud. The birdsong is really carrying this morning through the thick moist air.

I’ve spent the last few days going through my archives on this site and trying to fix missing links and pictures. It’s amazing how much the internets have change in the last decade or so. One of the things I noticed was how much my backyard has changed over the years. Those three cedars I planted as one foot tall trees in the nineties were still three separate tress when I started this site… Now they are a mass of green with almost no room between them. A perfect bunny home.

Time to run, things to do…

Tuesday, March 21

Another Beautiful Summer's Day Two Months Early Morning Coffee Muses

Another Beautiful Summer’s Day Two Months Early Morning Coffee Muses

It’s just another ceiling fan morning out here on the back porch. Already in the 70’s, sunny, a bit of a breeze… A Beautiful summer’s morning… in March. We’ve barely reached spring and it feels like summer.

Even the birds seem to think summer has arrived. This morning I glanced out my bedroom window and saw a group of cattle egrets in the back yard. I’ve been seeing more and more hummingbirds around too. When I walked out this morning  The only bird I heard singing was a bluebird… it still amazes me how their soft little warble can be heard so well.

Oh well… household chores today.  I better get to it…


Monday, March 20

Damp And Not So Hot Morning Coffee Muses

Damp And Not So Hot Morning Coffee Muses

Dew glistens everywhere this morning. The morning birdsong is spreading out as territories get claimed and borders set.

I need to have a discussion with a spider… What yesterday was just a guy line running down from the post supporting my weather station has now become a web hanging from the wind direction spinner. I don’t think it’ll be too accurate until I have my discussion… speaking of spiders, webs are showing up everywhere, especially in the dew on the grass. It brings back memories of walks thru the woods when you always carried a longish stick to brush the spider webs out of the trail ahead of you… you dared not to walk without the spider stick.

As much as I would like to sit here and watch and listen, other tasks call my name… And a coffee pot needs reloading…


Sunday, March 19

Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

The bowl of the sky is crystal blue, the bowl of the earth is almost entirely green. It’s another beautiful summer’s morning at the tail end of the calendar winter. Birds singing, rabbit eating grass, sun shinning and clear cloudless sky, just beautiful… for a winter summer’s morning in the heart of a Texas spring.

I am beginning to see the first leaves on the red oak now…so only the pecans are standing bare. It’s a good thing Leon Hale no longer makes his trip south in search of spring… He would have been leaving in the heart of winter this year… If the weather patterns hold like our past winter, I’ll be planning a trip in January to search out winter. What a road trip that would have been this year.

Another week or so and I’ll be able to sit out here on the back porch without the glaring morning sun. Right about then we’ll have what I call the sun transiting the house. All winter long the sun rises in the opening on the east end of the porch and takes a few hours to get high enough to put me in shade. But soon, it’s rising position on the horizon will move far enough north that the house will shade me through the summer. Most winters this property makes the back porch comfortable in colder weather… this year not so much. But transition day is one I look forward to every year.