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Wednesday, May 24

A Beautifully Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

A Beautifully Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Walking out to 63° this morning makes all the difference in the world. Blue crystal skies, the kind that only happen after a cool front blows thru. Light breezes giving life to the tree leaves, making them flutter in the sunshine. The rains last night have washed the air clean, making sounds carry for miles…

There’s a juvenile Mississippi Kite preening on the high perch to the west. The bluebirds are making trip after trip to the bluebird house. Chickadees come and go from the feeder. Crows pass overhead checking to see if I laid out an offering. Even the squirrel ignores me as he scavenges under the feeder for fallen seeds.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but twice in the last week I’ve let my laptop talk me into updating Windows 10 to the new updated operating system. Twice now it’s failed. After taking most of a day each time, what I get when I sign in is a black screen with a mouse curser in the center. The mouse curser moves but nothing else does. It takes the old Windows three fingered salute to restart so I can roll it back to the pre-update. I think I’ll wait a good bit before letting it talk me into wasting my time again.

Time for another cup of coffee…. catch you later.

How this tiny county in Texas became the richest in America

When the residents of sleepy, rural McMullen County, Texas, found out that they officially lived in the richest county in America, “we were shocked,” recalls Kimberly Kay Kreider-Dusek, the only lawyer in the area. She serves as the county attorney, prosecuting misdemeanors and advising county commissioners on legal matters.McMullen County, population: 804, one of the least populous counties in the state, lies southeast of San Antonio. According to Internal Revenue Service numbers crunched by Syracuse University researchers, its population’s average adjusted gross income — at $303,717 — now ranks as the highest in the nation.

This story caught my eye for a very good reason… In the summer and fall of 1971, I was the resident hippie in the small town of Caliham in McMullen County. I was helping my grandparents move and set up housekeeping there. Grandpa had bought a small ranch outside of town there a decade or more before that time for deer hunting.

There was a small two bedroom Jim Walter house at the ranch. No running water, a cistern on the east end of the house catching rain water. The facilities were about a hundred feet north, “The Quarter Moon” so named for the shape of the ventilation hole cut in the door. We hauled water from town in big igloo containers for drinking. And that’s where we lived while we got the mobile home setup in town.

By deer season, we had the house in town pretty much set… But, we stayed at the ranch to hunt. It was nice as the season cooled down to be able to go to town in the evening for a hot bath. Thru the summer and early fall my bathing was done in the two acre stock tank.

It was probably one of the most enjoyable spells in my life. We worked hard most days, but still had time to just sit and enjoy life whenever we wanted.

Grandpa always said he had a dream before he bought the ranch that they would be drilling there and lots of money would be made. I guess he was right…

I gave this photo montage to my Grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
The old Frio River bridge out of Caliham, Texas. Circa 1978
Caliham Post Office, circa 1978

Source: How this tiny county in Texas became the richest in America

Tuesday, May 23

A Late Spring Tease Of A Cool Morning Coffee Muses

A Late Spring Tease Of A Cool Morning Coffee Muses

It’s really funny the difference ten degrees in temperature of a morning makes in the enjoyment of the day… Mother Nature is giving us one more teasing reminder of what spring should be. Lows in the sixties, dry wonderful air, fresh green colors everywhere you look… just about the most you could hope for in spring in Texas along the Gulf Coast.

Well, Donald Trump’s budget dropped last night. The thump should have been felt in every family home in America. The cuts proposed for America’s safety net are profound and speak more to what kind of a man this President is than even the Healthcare bill he backed. The healthcare fiasco came out of the House, not this evisceration of funding for the poor and least protected among us. This thing came from the Trump administration. I think Mr President that you’ve sat on that famous drain you were promising to use on the swamp.

I think we have a problem of definitions in this country. When Americans hear the term working-class families more and more they see the Wal-Mart staffers, the grocery store clerks, the plumbers, the fire fighters, the policemen, the mechanics… But when Republicans say working-class families they are talking about the brokers, the upper management types, the Congressmen, the Senators. All the rest are just flotsam in the backwaters of the economy. They voted for the lies, just like they always do. They’ll take the dregs of the cup, just like they always do. The cream will be skimmed for the richest of the rich, just like it always is.

As long as they have Fox to burnish the lies, nothing will change. We have the most unprepared person in America running the country. And still… still, over 80% of Republicans think he’s doing a great job… Absolutely nothing more needs to be said about the Republican voter than that. They think he’s doing a great job!

Hell, Republicans in Texas have passed a bill that says you can be blocked from adopting a child if you are gay or any religion other than Christian. I mean come on, really… I guess they feel confident their stolen Supreme Court seat will now protect unconstitutional laws. Republicans, never pass up a chance to discriminate, it just might be the last chance you get.

Pardon the morning rant… it’s call blues from a red state of mind.