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Wednesday, January the seventeenth

Sunny but cold, a breezy morning coffee muses.

It’s only in the lower twenties in the shade right now. Luckily, this porch is in the sun… unluckily, the wind is gusting pretty strongly trying to suck the warmth right out of my soul.

The ice pellets on the ground around the tree trunks are still there. Like a dusting of snow on bare ground. The hood and roof of my Sport Trac are still white against the dark blue. Ice sickles still hang here and there.

For the second day, schools are closed. The world is mostly quiet once again as everyone was warned to stay off the frozen roads. So the only sound I’m hearing is the wind in the trees. As I sit here letting the cold seep into my bones.

All day yesterday the bird feeders out front were busy, the ones out back, not so much. The ice on the roof must be starting to melt… there’s a drip drip drip picking up speed on the lid of the garbage can.

It looks like I need to move this muse indoors before I completely freeze…

Here’s what I saw when I fired up the computer…

Just keep in mind, my wind gage has been funky for months now.

The front feeders are busy again today,  The goldfinches are eating me out of house and seed.

This winter has actually been a winter. My heat has been on since before Christmas, we’ve had two snow events and a frozen precipitation event… And it’s only the middle of January.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m gonna enjoy winter while it lasts… Have a great weather day all…

Tuesday, the sixteenth day of January

It’s cold, it’s raining, the winds are gusting on this morning coffee muses.

It’s already ready at 32°, the wind in the pines is roaring, and the radar is showing a wintery mix of precipitation falling right now. I’m all bundled up and it’s still cold. So the outside portion of this muse will be short lived.

With my hoodie tied tight around my face, my field of vision is almost nonexistent, focused on the kindle screen. I just looked at the full radar and the snow is already south and west of us. looks like there might even be snow palling on the Nash Prairie Preserve.

From the sounds out and about, every living thing is hunkered down somewhere. I am only seeing a few birds flying from one semi sheltered spot to another…time to abandon my rocker and move inside.

Wow, my coffee had gone lukewarm by the time I got my first sip after losing the hand coverings. From the desk, my view of the front feeders show they are covered in goldfinches with a single splash of red from a male cardinal.

This just in from the city:

Winter Weather Event – 10:00 a.m.

Frozen precipitation is forecast to begin falling in the Alvin area early this afternoon, with temperatures falling in the mid-twenties overnight.  Because of this winter weather event, there is the potential for the icing of roads, bridges and overpasses.

Non-emergency City offices will close today at 11:00 a.m. and will reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

City crews and trucks are prepared to sand any bridges or roadways that may have icing.

Residents are encouraged to limit travel during the afternoon and overnight hours, and if travel is necessary, to use extreme caution.

Please make sure to bring your pets inside during these frigid temperatures.

Check the City’s website and social media accounts for further updates.

And the schools are closed across the area. What would the folks up north think of us?

I think I’ll get on with the day… Stay warm everyone.

Monday, the fifteenth day of January

Monday noisy Monday, pleasantly cool morning coffee muses.

The work week is definitely in progress, and the noise level after a quiet weekend is up by levels of magnitude. Airplanes blowing by at low altitude. Someone’s building just across the bayou, hammer pounding on nails. Trucks roaring up the bypass. Another low flying plane… now a motorcycle running thru the gears.

And somewhere not too far away, a backup warning beeper keeps beep beep beeping… dogs are barking… birds are singing… The only thing missing from this plethora of sound is a train on the tracks. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Zippity doo da, Zippity day.

My oh my, what a wonderful day.

Plenty of sunshine heading my way…

I told you the other day that when I hear a bluebird sing Disney songs start playing in my head. And today, that song really fits. The warm day of the week, it feels like the proverbial spring day. And there’s a bluebird singing his happy little song.

And strangest of all, there’s a Carolina wren eating at the feeder. Something I’ve never seen before… The eat almost exclusively insects. That must mean Sherry’s wishes are being answered and we are having enough cold to make a dent in the insect population. It also means I need to keep an eye on the insect eating birds. I might need to put out some suet…

There’s a splash of red in the bare wisteria as a cardinal comes to call.

The breeze actually feels nice this morning. The air temperature is already high enough, and I’m dressed warm enough, to be able to enjoy the cooling effect.

There’s a mockingbird singing it’s liquid song over by the shed… being answered from the woods to the south in two separate places.

And the first vulture of the day glides over. Racing it’s shadow across the ground. There is no real wind blowing, so the vulture is having to work to gain altitude.

The cup is dry… time for the news of the day. Later…

Sunday, the fourteenth day of January

Not quite as cold as yesterday, bright and shiny morning coffee muses.

A blue jay was just fussing at me from the feeder. He’s now been replaced by a goldfinch. Yellow-rumps are playing all through the trees.

Steam is rising from my insulated coffee cup. There’s a lingering hint of wood smoke in the air from the smoldering remains of last night’s fire in the fireplace.

Through the fence row to the east, I can see yesterday’s birds swirling about in the Sunday sunlight.

When I came out, there wasn’t any breeze. Now, with the sun warming the air, a breeze has sprung up. The warming air rises over the dark fields to the south, and cold air is sucked in to replace it.

A Carolina wren is happily filling the air with it’s song. The wonder is how such a small bird can have such a big, oversized voice. Now two wrens are doing a call and response across the yards.

This season of the year is like an x-Ray machine for trees. They stand with their skeletons laid bare silhouetted against blue skies for all to admire. Every tree slightly different one from another. Even among the same species shapes are varied.

The neighborhood crows just did their morning patrol over the house. Like soldiers in a skirmish line they fly, a hundred yards apart, all in a line. Looking for targets of opportunity, kawing back and forth.

Now the vultures arrive, soaring high, riding thermals, not a wingbeat needed to maintain their flight. A shadow crossing the ground demands a skyward glance, as another vulture cuts the sun.

The crows cross once again, but from another compass point. Loud against the sky.

A hawk leaves it’s perch in the pecan at the yards back, flying low on it’s breakfast hunt.

The wind is picking up, the birds are quieting. The morning’s peace unbroken. It’s time to take a run at breakfast myself.