Saturday, November 11

It’s an overcast and seasonably cool morning coffee muses.

It’s in the low sixties this morning with just the hint of a breeze rustling the red oaks leaves. From the looks of the clouds, it’ll stay that way for awhile.

For 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning it’s pretty quiet. Birds are singing off away from the house. But the only birds I’ve seen this morning have been a couple of doves and a few individual blue jays.

The pecan trees around the backyards are losing their leaves rapidly. The small one at the edge of the woods is almost completely leafless.

There’s a train on the tracks not too far away… the whistle sounds like it’s right next door as it moves further away. The rumble of steel on steel is loud reflected from the low clouds.

A small plane flies over heading north to who knows where…

The resident phoebe just showed up call it’s name from the top of the cypress before moving to the red oak before settling in to hunt for breakfast.

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